The Best Hypnos Bedding to Choose From in 2022

When it comes to bedding, Hypnos offer the most comfortable options on the market.

Hypnos’ bedding comes in various softness options; some are soft and fluffy, others firm and upright for posture. There is much to choose from depending on your needs and preferences.

Handmade in Buckingham, their mattresses and bedding provide only the best quality and maximum comfort. There is a lot to cover, so here are our top picks for the best Hypnos bedding to choose from in 2022. 



Hypnos Bedding



Hypnos Elite Posture Cashmere Mattress

Let’s start with the most important part, the mattress. 

The mattress is the foundation you spend every night on, so you must get the right type for your needs. This wonderful mattress by Hypnos uses a ReActive™ 9-turn pocket spring system designed specifically to adjust to the shape of your body and offer supreme weight distribution to benefit your spinal and body support.

It comes in a firm finish with some slight leeway in the springs to prevent unnatural body positions whilst keeping you feeling comfortable at the same time. The mattress is completed with three rolls of authentic hand-crafted stitching to provide extra support and quality. 

The Hypnos Elite Posture Cashmere Mattress is built with quality in mind from top to bottom, so you can rest assured that your investment will last years to come without any wear and tear.

This is the one for you if you’re looking for a posture-continuous mattress that still provides excellent comfort.


Hypnos Elite Posture Silk Double Mattress

This mattress also uses the fabulous ReActive™ mechanism in an 8-pocket spring system. Each spring individually tracks your body movement to adjust perfectly to your figure. Regardless of how you lay, the mattress will caress your body perfectly.

The mattress is also completed with two rows of authentic hand-crafted stitching to provide ultimate durability and a quality finish. On top of that, they use naturally soft materials like silk, cotton, wool, and solotex™ to help provide a relaxing and breathable experience.

The mattress comes in a firm or extra firm feel to suit each person based on their preference individually. It even offers a zip and link function if you feel splitting the bed from time to time would be beneficial. It’s also been woven and knitted in a Belgian damask style to provide a gentle, clean and all-around great experience.

This is the perfect mattress if you need to curate to specific needs. The customisable alternatives make it a fantastic choice for those looking to create something that fits their needs. 



Hypnos Bedding


Hypnos Mattress Topper

Any mattress can be transformed and adjusted to the various seasons by simply using a quality topper. It is a layer that goes over your mattress for more padding, fluffiness, or warmth. 

Hypnos mattress toppers come in a variety of shapes, forms and materials. In this case, they come in luxurious layers of British wool with a soft cotton top layer. Altogether, this creates a relaxing sleeping experience that keeps you cosy and regulates your body temperature for a good night’s sleep.

If you want to upgrade your current mattress with extra comfort, this Hypnos mattress topper is the perfect solution.


Hypnos Mattress Protector

Protecting your new mattress is equally as important as anything. Most rooms are prone to dust build-up, which makes your mattress prone to dust mites. Investing in a mattress protector not only helps prevent any stains but also helps deter any dusts mites by making it an unable place to live.

Not only does a Hypnos Mattress Protector provide comfort, but it sets you up for a healthier, cleaner sleeping environment.


Hypnos Pillows (Latex & Wool)

Hypnos offer two forms of pillows for you to choose from, latex and wool.

The latex pillow provides a breathable and supportive sleeping experience. You are allowing air to flow through it with the microscopic air pockets. If you’re looking for a pillow that doesn’t overheat during sleep, this is the one. The latex pillow uniquely supports your head and neck by adjusting its shape as you move.

The wool pillow comes in a more traditional finish. Made from 100% British wool, this pillow is filled with natural wool clusters in the shape of small balls. The unique thing about this pillow is that you can adjust it to fit better based on your needs. Pull apart any clusters to allow more airflow for a lighter pillow. Alternatively, purchase more cotton cluster balls to fill the pillow to create a firmer feel.

It’s always good to compliment your bed with soft, affordable pillows that give you undisturbed sleep. The latex and wool options give you just that.


To Summarise


Hypnos offer an amazing range of bedding solutions. All of which are hand-crafted with comfort and visual appeal in mind. They’re a great investment for anyone looking for a great night’s sleep.



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