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Despite the many modern flooring tiles, styles and techniques, carpets are a staple in many homes and offices but especially in homes. They are prized for their many advantages such as the aesthetics, textures, patterns and design they bring to a room, insulation from cold common to tiles and concrete floors, making the flooring friendly for children and minimizing the sound of walking in storied and apartment buildings.

Health challenges linked to carpets and the importance of keeping it clean

Carpeting warms up a room and brings colour vibrancy and style into any space especially when used as a centrepiece. Like any household material or utility, it requires proper cleaning and maintenance. As a material that is always on the floor, carpets soil quite easily from constantly being stepped on or spilled on and while the thick fibres may conceal it, the dirt continues to accumulate over time. This poses a real health hazard to all occupants or users of the room especially those who are closest to the floors which are children. Viruses, bacteria, allergens, pollens and even thousands of dust mites can and very often do make their homes in dirty carpets leading to health issues such as skin irritation, allergic reactions, asthma, coughing and a host of breathing problems. For young children and infants, this can be fatal. Thus regular carpet cleaning is very important in order to protect the health of home occupants and protect the integrity and lifespan of the carpet.

Carpet cleaning methods


There are several methods of cleaning rugs and carpets form the bonnet to shampooing, dry cleaning and the foam encapsulation method but the most common across the world is vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner is an electric device that uses suction to draw out dirt and debris from surfaces into dust bags or cyclones which will later on be disposed of safely and properly. They come in different shapes and sizes and are used both at home, in offices and industries. The vacuum cleaner is such a handy tool in carpet cleaning. It is easily one of the most used household items and has often been credited with the reduction rate of lung related illnesses since its introduction into homes and schools. Each year manufacturers come out with upgraded and more sophisticated versions that are highly efficient and easy to use. Major companies like spares2you stock products from various top notch brands like Vax which has an entire range of platinum power max vacuum and carpet cleaners to choose from.


Vapor steam cleaning

Vapor steam cleaning is yet another method of carpet cleaning that is a lot more thorough and invasive than other cleaning methods. It involves the use of steam from a boiler in the machine to remove dirt and stains from surfaces. Steamers work by infusing hot water and steam into the carpet or rug. The steam is usually laced with cleaning agents or detergent which is then followed by rotating brushes that force dirt and stains to come loose off the carpet and is then sucked, together with the now grimy water, into a waste compartment leaving the surface clean and dry. Steam cleaning doesn’t just clean, it sanitizes and disinfects a surface which is why it is among the preferred carpet cleaning products at home and in hospitals.


Carpets bring so much life and beauty into spaces but they also require cleaning and maintenance. Proper cleaning tools and products will not only protect users from developing breathing problems, but it will also leave the air fresh and clean and elongate the life span of the carpet.




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