The Body’s Signs That You Need Medical Help

We are used to some pain and unfortunately, the more we feel, the easier it is to dismiss it. The problem is that there are several signs the body gives us that mean something is very wrong. It is really important that we learn that we listen to our bodies. Some signs are obvious, like having pelvic pain when walking. Others are not so obvious. But, whenever you see the following symptoms, make sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible.


The Body’s Signs That You Need Medical Help

Chest Pain

When you feel chest pain and there is also extra pain or pressure radiating towards your upper back or your jaw, try to call 911 as soon as possible. Alternatively, have someone else call. This is because these are heart attack symptoms. You need medical attention as soon as you can get it.

Difficulty Breathing

When you feel that your lungs do not receive as much air as they need, you have to get in touch with medical personnel. Shortness of breath that makes it very tough to breath is medically known as dyspnea. It might mean that you are affected by a very dangerous condition, like heart problems, blood clots located inside the lungs, or asthma.

Very intense Headaches

For some people, headaches are very common. But, when they are much stronger than usual and this happens without any clear reason, look for medical attention. The same goes when the headache is accompanies by some sort of neurological symptom, like a seizure or confusion. Sudden and very severe headaches are a sign of a head injury, aneurysm, or a stroke.

Unexplained Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, you surely know how much it is normal and how much is too much. But, if you notice a very severe weight decrease and this goes on for an extended period of time, it is normally a symptom that something is wrong.

Generally speaking, doctors recommend going for a checkup whenever you lose 5% of the body weight and you do not know why that happens. Unintended weight loss can be a sign of several possible conditions, like diabetes, cancer, overactive thyroid, heart conditions, and inflammatory bowel diseases, just to name a few. Discuss the weight loss with your doctor.

Wounds Or Sores That Do Not Heal

If you notice a wound or a sore present on the skin does not heal in a period of 3 months, go to the doctor as soon as possible. The same goes when it keeps reappearing. Usually, this shows there is an infection present. However, it is also a possible sign of diabetes or cancer. So, further investigation is absolutely necessary.

Unusual Bleeding

There are parts on our body that should never bleed. When you see one bleeding, contact the doctor. For instance, if there is blood present in your stools or urine, you are vomiting blood, or coughing blood, these are serious signs something is very wrong. You might be faced with conditions ranging from urinary tract infection to colon cancer.




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