The cost of a new boiler and how to get the best deal

The cost of a new boiler


The cost of a new boiler – how to get the best deal

Do you worry about the cost of a new boiler? It is absolutely something that I know a lot of people are scared about and worry about.

For some bizarre and pretty unfathomable reason, the cost of new boilers is always tricky to ascertain. Prices seem constantly unclear and no one seems to give you a straight answer.

Being well informed and knowing what you are talking about ALWAYS helps you get the best deal no matter what you are purchasing. Do a little reading and research about your kind of boiler and what you need e.g brand new, new and removal etc. and get a ballpark figure in mind, 

This is a great article on how much do new boilers cost It is bang up to date and completely smashes the myths and mysteries around what a boiler coast looking at all the different types of boilers available.  Do take a look, it makes some really valuable points like

 You do not have to buy your boiler from the company that provides your gas or energy bills


How not to buy a boiler

Our situation was just terrible. When our boiler packed up through old age it was a freezing cold winter and we had no savings. But what we did have were youngish kids that needed baths and heating and we just had to get a new boiler straight away and that was that.  Not a good situation to be in at all. We ended up getting a brand new boiler but on finance that ware we still to this day paying off. We will have paid an absolute fortune in interest by the time it is done.

I could cry when I think about it.


Do you even know what kind of boiler you have?

The article I referenced above looks at the different types f boiler you have in your home the cost range of replacing each.

Here is how they define them

‘Regular’ and ‘system’ boilers are  different to combi boilers, they’ll have a separate water cylinder (usually in an airing cupboard) and/or water tank (often in your loft) and they don’t provide instant hot water

A combi boiler is simply a ‘combination boiler’ – it controls both your heating and hot water,

Now you know the lingo, it is really useful to read up on the factors that affect boiler costs.


Factors which can affect the cost of a new boiler

The cost of the boiler has to be accounted for

Labour costs have to be taken into consideration

The plume and the flue (pipes from your boiler going to outside)

Cost of boiler relocation



Gas pipe upgrade

Chemical Flush

Boiler reloactaion and so on and so on

You need to know upfront what all these will come too, the very last thing you need is additional extras being added to your bill.


So what is the cost of a new boiler?

The cost of a new boiler is dependent on the type of boiler you have if you need the old one removing, etc and all the above factors which may or may not be relevant to you.

Heatable suggest that before you buy you do your research and at the very least ensure you receive:

  • A fixed price with no surprise extras after work begins
  • A full parts & labour warranty that you’re comfortable with
  • A magnetic boiler filter
  • A system flush

Do check company reviews before going with anyone though as it is so important to work with a reputable outfit and avoid cowboys!

Prices range staggeringly, from £1,000 – £6,000 depending on work required and your chosen installation company. You need to be very careful as you could end up spending huge amounts so do make sure you are well informed.

That’s why you have to do thorough research and carefully compare boiler prices



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  1. August 26, 2019 / 13:58

    The cost of the boiler varies from its brand and I agree with your input in this article. I would suggest to homeowners, they need to consult a professional heating engineer of what type of boiler is compatible with their homes.

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