The Electronic Cigarette: Money in Your Pocket with Health Benefits Too!

It’s an unfortunate fact: the UK is becoming more and more expensive to live in. While the minimum wage is rising above the rate of inflation, the fall in the value of the pound over the last ten months has resulted in the rise of basic costs, like fuel and food.

We often hear people complaining about the cost of cigarettes and tobacco, which seem to get more expensive by the day. So how about an alternative in e-cigarettes? Let us talk you through how e-cigarettes could save you hundreds of pounds a year, while also helping the environment and your own health!

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not. Just read our straightforward advice and see how many aspects of your life could benefit instantly with a switch to e-cigarettes.

How to budget for E-Cigarettes

On average, a cigarette smoker in the UK smokes ten cigarettes a day. A pack of ten cigarettes costs around £5, meaning an annual spend on cigarettes of £1825. That’s a very large amount of money to be spending on something that seriously damages you and the environment you live in.

By contrast, a disposable e-cigarette costs as little as £5 and will last as long as a pack of 20 cigarettes! So instead of paying £10 every two days for 20 cigarettes, you can pay just half that. In just one month, you would spend £75 on e-cigarettes, instead of £150 on traditional cigarettes. In one year, you could save £900. Now more than ever, that £900 could be very useful to you and your family.


The Rechargeable E-Cigarette

Even better still are rechargeable e-cigarettes. While being a little more technical, they not only provide a more enjoyable vaping experience, but they’re cheaper in the long run, too! Take the Kangertech PANGU Starter Kit; one of the best performing e-cigs from one of the most reliable brands around. At £22.99, it comes with everything you need to start vaping and has enough capacity to vape all day long, without refilling!

To continue with all the vaping fun, you’ll need to buy more e-liquid to fill your e-cig and, eventually, more coils. Usually, a 10ml bottle will last around three days. For someone who smokes around ten cigarettes a day, we recommend the bottles with 16mg of nicotine. Though there are varying nicotine levels around to help smokers gradually reduce their intake, this is the most commonly used vape liquid in the UK and should cost around £10 for three bottles. On top of that, you will need to replace the coil roughly every couple of months, so we need to buy two packs of five new coils, usually at £9.99 per pack.

All in all, you get a better choice of flavours, a better experience and (drum roll please…) you can save £1335 a year! That’s £400 on liquid, £23 on the kit and £20 for new coils (you’ll even have some of these left over), for a yearly cost of £443. Just think of all the things you could spend that money on…


The Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes

We’re not here to lecture you on smoking — we think people do that enough already! Instead, all we want is to offer an alternative. E-cigarettes are, simply put, a tar-free, carbon monoxide-free replacement for your nicotine needs. They are certainly not ‘some fad’ that doesn’t get taken seriously. You can even get tobacco-flavoured vape liquid, so you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from your old cigarettes.

Which such a fantastic alternative available, choosing not to replace your traditional cigarettes with a cheaper, healthier option seems ludicrous. So, go with what makes sense and live the rest of your life in a healthier way — and with more money in your pocket!
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