The flowers in my life

Giving flowers is a lovely thing to do from a simple daisy to a huge surprise interflora bouquet. My favourite flowers are those presented to me by my kids, wilted daisies, flattened buttercups or a marigold or two pinched from the garden. These are just adorable.

I love big bunches of flowers too, I always have red roses form my husband at Valentines day and usually pink ones on my birthday too. I also love to send flowers, I know it’s not a cheap gift but oh how wonderful to know you have sent something guaranteed to delight.

I sent my friend Naomi flowers when she had her book published, I took my uncle some flowers to cheer him up last week, I popped some on a bench in memory of my mum recently too and  took some to a funeral of a lady I adored.

Flowers say I love you, be happy, thinking of you, take care, keep smiling and I care. They also say I’m sorry, I’m with you and you are in my thoughts. That’s pretty priceless.

I love the stained glass flowers that used to be in my grandads front door and I love the flowers in the painting by my front door. The painting was my dad’s and it was made by my best friends mum. Memories of people I love.

I have petals from my wedding flowers in my treasure box and an iced cake petal from my wedding cake. My daughter has a pale cream and brown flowered tiny dress form Paris she wore as a baby.



The best flower I have is this gorgeous ring, chosen by my daughter when she was 3 to inherit when she is grown. We bought it with some money left by my sweet great aunty Eileen . She was one of five lovely sisters, Kitty (my grandma) Eileen, Lily, May and Grace. The ring is to remember these gorgeous, beautiful ladies by.

Flowers have littered my life; little love tokens and memories from the cheapest to the most expensive they are all treasures.



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