The Gumtree Second-Hand Economy Challenge

The Christmas clear out and cash in challenge

Oh, I do love a challenge! And this challenge is absolutely perfect for me as I love to make and save money…and of course, Christmas is looming.

Are you ready to hear what I have to do?

Well, Gumtree has challenged me to find and value unused items, and to sell a few on Gumtree in the next few weeks to help clear out and cash in ahead of Christmas. Tidying up and making a few extra pounds while doing so is most definitely needed in this house!


Gumtree Second-Hand Economy Challenge


So much money to be made

Gumtree’s latest research has revealed that us Brits are sitting on a potential £17.7 billion worth of second-hand goods. Oh my goodness, how fabulous is that! Well not that we are sitting on it but that it is there for the selling!

Gumtree’s global ‘Second-Hand Economy Report’ has revealed that the average British household currently has 22 unwanted or unused items stockpiled worth a potential £881. That’s just great news for all of us isn’t it!  Did you know Gumtree is the UK’s #1 classifieds website and app and is used by 1 in 3 adults every month – that’s a lot of people with potential to make some extra cash!


How to buy and sell your second-hand goods

If you are wary of buying and selling or feel clueless do check out this fabulous how to created by  Gumtree and negotiation expert Gavin Presman (of the How To Academy) – a free downloadable guide to ‘The Etiquette of Buying and Selling Online’.




Another important benefit

Another important benefit of buying and selling second-hand is the impact it has on the environment. Buying second hand is a method of recycling and helps reduce waste and encourages a more sustainable world, so important in today’s current climate and for our children’s future. So yes the declutter and the cash matter but our contribution to protecting the environment … you can’t really beat that in terms of a benefit.


Up the loft, I go

So this afternoon I am heading up the loft to see what I can find to sell. Watch this space as I try to have a clear out and make some money for Christmas by selling on Gumtree. I cannot wait to tell you how much I made. I might also have a wander into the garage – did you know Gumtree also have a sell my car service!


Are you planning a pre-Christmas clear out and cash in?



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  1. November 5, 2018 / 14:09

    Great post. I am planning a clear out this weekend, this has given me the nudge.

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