The health benefits of ballet for children

The health benefits of ballet for children

As a child, my mum organised for me to go to ballet classes because  I was so clumsy and uncoordinated.  I went to Mrs Greensmith’s class once a week till I was 9 then twice a week till I was 13. I loved ballet so much. I made some lovely friends through it too. We trained very hard and then every so often we would put on a show in our local community hall. It never failed to make me feel like a star and oh the costumes!  my classes definitely gave me a love for music and musicality and of dance that I still have to this day.

It certainly helped me be less clumsy too. There was also a host of other health-related benefits of ballet for children that I absolutely benefited from.

Ballet is exercise

Any exercise is good for a child. It helps them burn off calories and maintain a healthy weight and of course it strengthens their body. Ballet is not at all a fragile pretty set of moves (though it may indeed look like that). Ballet takes a huge amount of strength, muscle control and endurance and it is not for the feint hearted.  I have sweated doing ballet..can-can kicks and pirouettes and barre exercises are wonderful workouts.

Ballet is wonderful for posture

Having good posture is so important in later life and good habits start young. Ballet teaches you excellent posture and helps our little ones walk tall and proud ( and will help them avoid back problems later on).

Ballet makes you supple

Ballet makes you so supple and flexible and this is brilliant for the overall health of your body. It is important that a child wears quality children’s ballet shoes so as not to damage their feet but on the whole, it is an exercise that is pretty gentle on the body as it is so fluid and graceful.

Ballet is great for emotional health too

All exercise is good for our emotional health as it makes our bodies release serotonin which in turn makes us feel good. Ballet can feel like flying, it is beautifully graceful you can just get completely in flow with it and this is another factor in why it makes us feel so good. Dancing is just lovely. Ballet can also be social and this is also very important for a sense of well-being and connection. Plus, mastering any kind of hobby strengthens self-esteem and self-confidence two more factors that are really  important to good mental health

Ballet is a sport for life

Ballet is great for children and a hobby that can be revisited or continued into their adult life. A bit like riding a bike – you never forget your ballet moves. I sometimes have a good twirl round my kitchen even now!

So there are many health benefits of ballet for children and it really is a lovely activity for them to become involved with.



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  1. November 23, 2017 / 14:16

    It is true that the practice of ballet has many health benefits. I also had the opportunity to benefit when I was little. Thank you for sharing.

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