The most beautiful personalised Christmas Cards from Rosemood

A review of personalised Christmas cards from Rosemood

Over the years blogging (10 at last count!) I have created many personalised Christmas cards for review. Absolutely nothing compares to the ones I have just made with Rosemood though. They are stunning, classy and gorgeous and I am so excited to send them.

I often send digital e-cards at Christmas but to my friends who are very dear and older mebers of my family, I do like to send a more personalised card. The ones I created at Rosemood are simply divine.


Personalised Christmas cards from Rosemood

Unusually they were very simple to make and I was just able to choose images from my Instagram rather than searching my computer to upload lots of different images.

I chose the winter village theme for my family Christmas cards as I loved it’s old-world charm but there really is a huge range to choose from. I personalised it with photos and our names.

Our cards are just so pretty and we are all delighted with them.

I got to choose the colours of the card and envelopes in a colour of my choice were also included for free. Depending on the paper chosen these work out around £1 each and they really are so very special .

Let’s take a look at the card I created:

personalised Christmas Cards from Rosemood

I chose light grey envleopes to go with the personalised Christmas Cards from Rosemood on and on the back is our address…aren’t they just lovely?


Charity Christmas cards

Rosemood are supporting two amazing charities this Christmas

Tommy’s baby charity which funds and researches into the causes of and treatments for pregnancy loss in the UK.

Surfrider Foundation Europe which is an environmental charity that is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches.

Once you have finished personalising your card(s), 10p will be donated from each Christmas card ordered to your preferred charity. (including VAT, excluding shipping).


Rosemood Photo Book

Whilst over on the Rosemood Atelier site I also has the pleasure of creating a photo book. Now, again this is something I have done before and I found it such a blooming pain in the past,  but not this time. Rosemood make the process really easy (and they check over the quality of your photo books  for you to make sure they are good enough for printing)

I uploaded lots of photos from my social media and off my computer,  speedily and  easily. I was either able to hand place or have the program auto fill a photo book for me. It was very straightforward and I could move things around till it looked exactly as I wanted it to.

I cannot begin to tell how abslutely delighted I am with this photo book and quite how many compliments we have had on this:




The photo quality is top notch and what a treasure to have.  These would make the most excellent gifts.

The range of personalised photo products at Rosemood

Rosewood also enable you to create personalised:

  • Christmas cards,
  • Photo Books
  • Personalised posters
  • Wedding stationery
  • Christening invites
  • Christmas stickers
  • Christmas gift tags
  •  Photo calendar

and the quality and range they have to offer is simply wonderful.

What wonderful personalised Christmas Cards from Rosemood we have created and what a beautiful photo book. Heartwarming.

We are so impressed with Rosemood Atelier and would definitely use them again.



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