The New Vulcan Experience is a Must-See for Your Family

With international holidays continuing to be a difficult-to-justify expense, as a result of inflated costs from coronavirus testing kits and quarantine measures, more and more families are looking to the UK for their holiday solutions. It’s likely that you’ve already take your family to destination activity spots in the North like Eureka and the Museum of Science and Industry – and possibly more than once. But with a new kind of educational attraction opening up in Doncaster Sheffield airport next year, your UK staycation woes may just be solved. If you’re looking for the perfect staycation attraction for your family, look no further than planning a trip to The Vulcan Experience.


The New Vulcan Experience


What Is The Vulcan Experience?

The Vulcan Experience is an upcoming museum experience based out of Doncaster Sheffield airport. It is centred around aerospace history, particularly during the Cold War, and utilises the “Spirit of Great Britain”, a Vulcan bomber renowned the world over. The entire museum will exist for the promotion of STEM in young children, inspiring them to consider careers in the sciences, or even aerospace!


What Is Included in a Day at The Vulcan Experience?

Included in a day at the Vulcan Experience is the collision of science and history. Expect informative installations explaining the events of the Cold War, and the importance of V-bombers such as the eponymous Vulcan to the safety of the UK. There will also be stories and information about the “Spirit of Britain”’s own flight history, including the part it played in the Falklands War.

Outside of V-bombers, expect demonstrations of aerospace related science, and hands-on activities in the Tinkering Section. There will also be a crucial Green Technology Hub, educating visitors about the environmental difficulties in the aviation industry, and the solutions being derived to take it forward sustainably.

There will be no shortage of activities to explore at the Vulcan Experience, but perhaps the pinnacle of the day – past being able to examine mid-century aircraft up close and personal – is the demonstration of the “Spirit of Britain” on one of Doncaster Sheffield airport’s runways, a sight sure to delight the members of the family both young and old.


Booking in for The Vulcan Experience

The Vulcan Experience is currently awaiting a new hanger space, and will not be open until 2022 – giving you the chance to plan a perfect day around it – maybe plan spend the morning in picturesque Wakefield nearby, and pre-book the Wakefield to Doncaster train to arrive you at the Vulcan Experience just in time to watch its flagship Avro Vulcan XH558 perform a historic ground run.



The New Vulcan Experience feature post


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