The Organised Time Technique Review

The Organised Time Technique Review

Are you desperate for an organised time technique?

If so then this really is a great book especially if you have a family.

Sometimes I feel as if days have run away with me and I have achieved very little and that those things I have achieved have been half done as my mind was elsewhere.  Talking with friends I know there are a lot of busy parents who feel like this too.

How nice it would be to have a bit more time as well as feel absolutely like I was bossing the hours I had.


Well, Gemma Bray to the rescue with her new book The Organised Time Technique.


The Organised Time Technique Review


The Organised Time Technique Review

Gemma created the super popular The Organised Mum Method 13 years ago – a method for cleaning the home that took just 30 minutes a day and gave her cleaning free weekends.  You can find Gemma on YouTube at The Organised Mum)

The Organised  Time Technique is just as practical and do-able as TOMM.


So what is the organised time technique?

Essentially the Organised Time Technique encouraged you to break down your day into 48 30 min slots  and consider them time tokens.

It helps us work out how to spend t++++++++++++++hem.


Level 1 tokens are non-negotiable things like sleeping and eating

Level 2 tokens essentials  – like going to work

Level 3 tokens  – things you WANT to do (ah this bit is sooooo good) 


 With my level 3 tokens, I am learning tai chi, taking long walks, experimenting with recipes, reading more than ever!



How to grab more time in your day?

Gemma is very realistic she acknowledges you cannot just pull time out of a hat so she shows you how to say no more clearly and more often – every additional tasks you take on is an additional suck on your time and as Gemma says ‘No is a complete sentence. You don’t have to explain yourself.

Gemma also talks about staying in your lane and this really resonated with me. Playing to our strengths and stying focussed gives us a chance to achieve our dreams, trying to be brilliant at everything will cause us to be overwhelmed and insecure.

I need to remember this.

So how else can we cull back time?

We can look at our list of time use and see what can be batched, stopped and done differently.

This is so useful. Every job you lose frees up time so this is well worth it!




It’s as simple as – today I’m going to make 2 lasagnas so we have a meal for today and an extra one in the freezer.

It’s is a simple as  I am going to combine tomorrow’s walk with the post office drop ( and squeeze in a long hot bath )

It’s as simple as -my podcast this week will have the same content as my YouTube video and Webinar so I don’t need to repeat prep.

This book is a gem.

I have a few more hours to work on my business and hang out with my daughter – things I want to do.

Isn’t that cool.


The Organised Time Technique Review – In conclusion

I urge you to read this book – it is excellent and contains so much inspiration

Time is s  very precious and we need to use it so wisely.



I was given a copy of the book for this The Organised Time Technique review  but all thoughts and feelings are my own





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