The perfect family activity on a budget

The perfect family activity on a budget

The perfect budget family activity is in my opinion  reading. It’s fun at any age, by yourself or with family. Books can be borrowed for free and they can suit all tastes and interests.

Listen to this though. I think this is really sad.

A recent survey by PlayStation® has revealed that 81% of parents felt the traditional bedtime story is both important, and an ideal way for the family to spend and share much needed time together.

Oh course. It’s a lovely time.

However, a staggering 77% felt their hectic lifestyles often prevented them from reading to their children before going to sleep.

77%. wow (not a good wow)

Another block was a dip in children’s interest levels in favour of television and technology. Well you know I don’t think that’s a good excuse. There are apps to read on the ipad, and brilliant kids magazines to read online on  every interest. There are Kindles and there is PlayStation’s brand new Wonderbook Book of Spells game (think Harry Potter, spell making and fab new technology and a book!!!) which is wonderful for encouraging reading. We have this and it’s brilliant!

You just need to free up a short amount of time every day or so and engage your kids interests. It’s worth it. Let’s change those horrible statistics.

Reading opens up worlds and possibilities.

What do you consider the perfect family activity on a budget – you might also like my post half term on a budget





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