The perfect solo adventure in the Mexican Riviera

Looking for your next solo trip? Why not consider a trip to the Mexican Riviera?

Mexico is a fantastic travel destination, full of amazing cultural experiences, great food, gorgeous sights, and a rich, vibrant history. From beach resorts and city breaks to mountain treks and jungle adventures, Mexico pretty much has it all.

But while there are plenty of fantastic destinations for couples and families, some travelers might think that Mexico is not the safest place to travel alone. But they couldn’t be further from the truth!Solo travel in Mexico is safe, enjoyable, and exciting, with loads of things to do for the lone traveler. Packing your bags and exploring this country on your own is one of the best ways to get under its skin, and have a truly authentic, once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

So if you are cruising to the Mexican Riviera and want to set off and explore this wonderful country on your own, here are some of the best places to see and the best things to do, as well as a few tips for solo travel in Mexico.


solo adventure in the Mexican Riviera

The best spots for solo travelers in the Mexican Riviera

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is one of the most charming surf towns you are likely to find, a jewel in Oaxaca state right on the Pacific Ocean, at the base of the Sierra Madre mountains. It is one of the best places to surf in the world, and cultivates that relaxed, welcome, friendly vibe that surf towns so often have. With a wealth of hostels and beachside bars, meeting fellow solo travelers is simple, and it is a vibrant, fun-loving town so there are always things to do. Plus, the Oaxaca coastline is a fascinating and stunningly beautiful place to travel!


Solo travelers are usually an adventurous breed, so off-the-beaten track destinations are often favorites. Mazatlan ticks that box and then some – a gorgeous resort town with some of the most stunning beaches in Mexico nearby, that most foreign tourists will never have heard of! It is a dream for wildlife watchers too, with boat tours to nearby Bird Island, Deer Island, and Wolf Island providing a wealth of bird and animal spotting opportunities. It is also quite a bit cheaper than the bigger, more famous Mexican destinations, which is great for shoestring travelers.


Sayulita is another vibrant surf town, this time in the tiny state of Nayarit, perched between mountainous jungle and the wild Pacific waves. Sayulita still has a magnificently laid-back, almost hippy atmosphere, and yoga retreats and jungle hikes abound. The town is charming and walkable, full of great restaurants and bars. There are plenty of chill hostels, and a number of coworking spots (a rarity on this side of Mexico) which makes it great for the solo traveler, and trips to Las Islas Marietas and whale watching tours complete the picture.



Tips for traveling solo in the Mexican Riviera

Learn a little Spanish

Plenty of Mexicans speak excellent English, but a little Spanish goes a long way. You’ll find it far easier to get around, and you’ll have a much better experience with a little of the local language under your belt. Plus everyone appreciates it when travelers try their best!

Practice basic common sense

Mexico is a relatively safe country to travel in, particularly in the more touristy areas, but it is always worth paying attention to your surroundings and being sensible about how you behave. The basic safety tips for solo travel apply, and if you don’t take risks you shouldn’t encounter any trouble.



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