The pros and cons of online vs traditional therapy

The pros and cons of online vs traditional therapy

I have been reflecting on the pros and cons of online vs traditional therapy and  I have been thinking about my own experiences.

There is a great article at BetterHelp on how counselling websites differ from traditional therapy that is well worth reading if you are trying to decide which is right for you.


The pros and cons of online vs traditional therapy

Here are my thoughts, having had the experience of both.


The benefits of time

I have had therapy person to person and life coaching online. From a practical perspective being coached online saved me just so much time.

I wasn’t having to drive somewhere, park, fit in childcare, etc. I didn’t have to spend ages trawling the internet to find a local therapist that actually had a slot free to see me. Nope. I simply went to a counselling/coaching website input what I was looking for and got matched with a coach who was available at the times I specified I was free.

Such a time saver!



The pros and cons of online vs traditional therapy



Now I live in a suburb near a big thriving city and I have a car too so travelling is not impossible for me. But I can see how for people who are disabled, lacking in transport, living more rurally and with kids in tow, accessing a therapist face to face could be really tricky.

And of course, we are all so time short, aren’t we?


Ease & Privacy

Speaking to an online counsellor or coach can feel very liberating. You aren’t having to make eye contact and you are not actually sat person to person with someone so sharing your innermost feelings/deepest desires/intimacy issues can feel a whole lot easier online.

Plus, if like me you are very used to communicating online, this may feel a whole lot more natural. I am always freer with my words when I type rather than when I talk  so email types of therapy are really beneficial for me in that way and enable me to be much more open

Some people prefer direct contact and feel they build up a closer relationship that way. Horses for courses I suppose, like anything really.



The pros and cons of online vs traditional therapy


Online vs traditional therapy – Blocks

There can be so many blocks to therapy and that is a real shame. Anything that takes away those blocks can only be a plus in my opinion. 

I believe therapy is a good thing.

Talking over worries and concerns and exploring ways forward can only be helpful. Counselling websites like BetterHelp only take on fully qualified, certified counsellors and so you are in good hands. You can also specify through these kinds of websites the exact kind of therapist or therapy you are after – so it really is a tailor-made fit

I am a firm believer that getting yourself help is the very first step towards healing. If this is a journey you are considering taking then I wish you the very best of luck.

Do consider looking at online counselling if you are put off by traditional therapy – it has SO many benefits.



The pros and cons of online vs traditional therapy is a collaborative post –

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