The return of vinyl

When I think of my childhood in the 1970’s I think of a traditional Sunday dinner every single Sunday, I think of black and white musicals on the TV. I reminisce about hot summers, bike riding for hours and my parents getting excited over new records.

Our record player was the heart of our home. My mum was huge a huge fan of Elvis and country music. My sister loved Abba and would play their records endlessly.

A new record was a big deal in our house and a pure delight.

What do you think of when you think of record players?

For me it is warm fuzzy memories from days gone by.

When CD’s came along we thought they were just amazing; better quality than record players with crisper clearer sounds and you could just leave them t play.

In comparison vinyl seemed dated and record players seemed clunky and out of date.

Well times have changed – dramatically, and record players have advanced along with the times. Record players can now do things our parents would only have dreamed of and can meet all our modern day requirements for portability and connectivity.


The return of vinyl


They have made a huge comeback, music lovers love their vinyl and always have but more and more people are embracing a more slow lived and authentic way of life and old, much loved vinyl is a part of that revolution.

I’ve been looking at some of the latest turntable designs offered by Rockit and exploring why vinyl is making a comeback. They sell a lovely range of record players and this month I’m featuring some absolute beauties. Would you like to take a peek at my favourites? Serious style overload ahead!


The GPO Ambassador

Isn’t she a beauty? I love the vintage style suitcase, it looks so retro. The creams and the brown make it look straight out of the 1940’s. Actually though, this a really modern piece of kit.   It has an internal rechargeable battery so you can take your turntable on the go and connect it wirelessly to a bluetooth speaker. Wouldn’t it be just perfect for a picnic?

I am rather in love with it.

I would play a little Ella Fitzgerald or Nat King Cole on this record player or maybe some big band music!

What I love is that it has all the functionality you would wish for in this digital age but all the class and charm of the past.


Oh and how about Crosley Dansette with its lovely 60’s styling. You would never think it has dynamic full range speakers and a headphone jack.


This was just made for records by The Beatles or perhaps The Beach boys.

And then there is  this vintage design it is simply stunning piece of design and features bluetooth technology, allowing you to play your favourite songs wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. You would never guess that from looking at it would you!




Such an elegant design. This would be perfect for a little Chopin, Vivaldi or Debussy I think.

One of the main reasons I believe that vinyl is back in vogue is that record players are endlessly charming. We fell out of love with them because we just wanted better technology and now we can have both. That’s pretty fabulous isn’t it?

The best of both worlds.









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  1. Anton
    February 10, 2018 / 13:50

    I love a good record player. I still have my record player and stack of records in my living room, and it amazes my guests to see that I still use it.

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