The right to dream about Mercedes

Do you dream about mercedes ?

There are times when the constant conflict between your aspirations and your bank balance can become too tiring for words, this might be just the occasion to let rip and allow your imagination to wander.



New car

For those who dream about buying a new car then August and September are the main months to look out for car manufacturers’ releases. That is, unless the company concerned is Mercedes.

The consumer’s bible, Which Magazine, reports that anyone looking at future cars from Mercedes, and specifically the new 4×4 GLA should expect to see this fine example of German engineering on the streets of the UK in January 2014 but Mercedes is set to release prices and launch the car into UK showrooms in November.



For those worried about their family economy and whether buying a new car is really financially viable, then they should take a long hard look at their current motor. If it is still mechanically sound, is capable of taking the whole family on long trips in ease and comfort and is economical to run then perhaps you might think twice about buying a new model.

There’s nothing to stop you tearing down to your local dealership in November to have a look, though. Mercedes have suggested that the new car will be priced at around the £25,000 mark, comparable in price to the Audi Q3. The GLA will have a raised suspension that will give passengers a more comfortable ride when travelling over rugged terrain.

75% of these cars will run on diesel and the majority of them will be four-wheel drive.



Obviously, impressing the kids shouldn’t come into the equation but if you do want to be the coolest parents on the block in a sporty new SUV and you also want to rest assured that your car won’t break down on the school run, then it might be worth looking at the new GLA.

Alternatively, those who don’t really enjoy the experience of driving will be delighted that this model is automatic. Cars with large boots are always a bonus for busy families and off roading on holiday could act as an alternative to a picnic in a crowded and designated ‘eating area.’

Frugal living doesn’t equate with paucity of the imagination and everyone should dream a little – it’s good for the soul. But wow can you imagine the insurance


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