The South, the Sea, and the Amalfi Coast

The scenic Amalfi Coast is a classic Mediterranean landscape and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Italy’s most popular tourist destination. Vibrant turquoise waters, sunkissed air, and stretches of vineyards and orchards make this picturesque stretch of coastline a historic tourist centre. The most enjoyable thing is to soak up its stunning views from amongst the balconies of the many Amalfi coast villas and explore its thirteen seaside towns. If you are ready to take a trip down Southern Italy, then the Amalfi Coast and our rundown of its top highlights are essential to consider for a perfect itinerary and a dreamy vacation. 


The South, the Sea, and the Amalfi Coast


What is the Amalfi Coast? 

The Amalfi Coast is a 48 km coastline in Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea in Southern Italy and offers a perfect blend of cultural and natural beauty. It is renowned for its vibrant towns and multi-coloured houses, clear turquoise waters and beaches, rich history of the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum it preserves, and finally, some Sorrento and Capri special Limoncello liqueur. 


Top Attractions and Highlights on the Amalfi Coast

1.      Emerald Cave 

This enchanting emerald cave, or the Grotta Dello Smeraldo, is located near the village of Conca Dei Marini. The cave gets its name from the illuminating green water inside it, which is produced by the sunlight hitting the turquoise waters. The cave also has stalactites inside, but this is because the original cave was built much lower and has risen up due to volcanic activity. One of the biggest intrigues of this cave is its underwater nativity scene, and skin-divers annually perform a pilgrimage from December to January here.


2.      Sorrento 

Tiny beaches, high pedigree hospitable hotels, and exclusive shopping sites, yet Sorrento remains serene, less crowded, and less price inflated place on the Amalfi Coast peninsula is what makes Sorrento a top in this list. With a stunning cliff-top setting facing Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento has it all for you to savour some lazy days on its pebbly beaches and limestone houses. Therefore, it makes for a perfect summer retreat. 


The South, the Sea, and the Amalfi Coast


3.      Ravello 

An old town perched atop Amalfi in scenic panoramic views and submerged in lush gardens, Ravello has the best views in all of Amalfi. The town overlooks the sea from the Valley of Dragons, and the Moorish-styled Rufolo Villa that is also a setting for the Ravello Festival, has some of the most splendid gardens and cloisters. Church of San Giovanni del Toro and the Cathedral of San Pantaleone are also top attractions here.


4.      Vallone delle Ferriere 

If you want to take the day off from the beaches and the bustle, retreat to the Ferriere Valley and get engulfed in its crystal clear waters and magnificent waterfalls. The valley itself is a biogenetic reserve, and the Woodwardia radicans fern in it is considered a living fossil. It is protected by the hot summers and harsh winters by its steep ridges, and the hike to the valley is fairly comfortable and straightforward.


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