The things you can do with kiwis

I was sent a gorgeous hamper with Zespri kiwis in and encouraged to experiment with them. Zespri Kiwi come in green or gold are grown sustainably and 100% organic. They are quality fruit.

I was sent the SunGold version hence the yellow colour. Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit is a tropical tasting super-fruit available from May to October in all leading supermarkets. (For more information, please head to )

I have to admit I never ever buy kiwis and only ever tend to eat them in fruit salads when I am out and about.

The kiwi was so easy to cut and scoop out and so absolutely scrummy I couldn’t believe I’ve neglected it for so long.

Before I share my Kiwi ideas with you let me tell you why they are so absolutely fantastic

Kiwis are so rich in vitamin C that they contain more than an orange or even three lemons!

Kiwifruit is also very rich in fibre which is a natural aid to digestion and despite being sweet they are low calorie and perfect for those on a healthy eating plan.

It’s not always easy encouraging my kids to try new things so I had to be a bit inventive….

Kiwi and apple lollies.


1 teaspoon of caster sugar

1/2 pint organic apple juice

2 kiwi thinly sliced

things you can do with kiwis

To make

Pop the sugar in the apple juice and give it a good stir

Pour the apple juice in the lolly moulds and add the little kiwi strips. Pop in the freezer and eat once set.

Refreshing and delicious and you can really add any fruit you fancy!


Breakfast salad

To encourage my daughter to eat some fruit for breakfast I pretty it up and don’t over face. A pretty little selection of fruits in a little hart shaped bowl. It is just the ticket as she waits for her cereal and juice, and she wolfed it down. Do have a look at my breakfast oatmeal cake recipe for more nutritius breakfast ideas

Strawberry and Kiwi lemonade

My favourite kiwi make was strawberry and kiwi lemonade.


6 strawberries

2 Zespri kiwi

Organic lemonade (enough for 2 tall glasses)


To make

I  prepared and blended the fruit, sieved to remove seed and then added the puree to some organic lemonade and gave it a good mix.

Such a light, tasty and refreshing drink.


I am impressed with these Zespri kiwi they are versatile, healthy and taste delicious and will be in our fruit bowl form now on


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  1. October 1, 2015 / 16:05

    We love kiwis. They often end up in lunchboxes. We tend to cut off the top, then spoon out the insides and eat it straight from the skin, as a snack. Like the idea of using them in ice lollies and lemonade.

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