The top 10 parenting TED talks

Today – the top 10 parenting TED talks

top 10 parenting ted talks, parenting TED talks

The top 10 parenting TED talks

Oh I am so excited to being you the top 10 parenting TED talks

Most parents rarely get time to learn and explore new ideas let alone thinking about getting entertained.  These top 10 Parenting TED talks are an interesting way to feed your brain or even get motivated. For the uninitiated, TED talks are a series of 18 minute long videos you can watch online. Basically, these talks present a quick an easy way for busy parents to learn, get motivated and also get entertained. Here are the The top 10 parenting TED talks


1.   Parenting taboos

This humorous and lively talk delivered by Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman is about the facts that parents are never allowed to acknowledge- and why they need to. It’s an encouraging talk especially for parents who struggle with feelings of loneliness.

2.   Five dangerous things you should let your kids do

In this talk, Gever Tulley talks about allowing kids to be exposed to more danger in an effort to help them fully explore their surroundings. He suggests that dangerous things push kids to solve problems and build confidence.

3.   Agile programming for your family

In this talk, Bruce Feiler introduces the idea of agile programming for better parenting. He suggests methods that can help modern parents cope with their responsibilities while still responding to their kid’s needs.

4.   Are you technically fit to parent?

The abundance of information offered by the internet can still be confusing even to modern parents.  In this talk, Michael Fey talks about how to navigate the complex world of technology as parents. He gives practical advice on how to close the digital divide between your tech-savvy kids and yourself.


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5.   For parents, happiness is a very high bar

Jennifer Senior tackles an interesting topic of how most parents get caught up in the overwhelming pressure of raising happy perfect kids. She offers a more achievable goal to happiness for parents as opposed to the anxiety that comes with the pressure of perfect parenting.

6.   Do schools kill creativity?

Are you concerned about your child’s education? Well, if you are, this talk will be right for you. Delivered by Sir Ken Robinsons, this talk is about how the school system produces good workers instead of creative thinkers.

7.   What we learn before we are born

Annie Murphy Paul talks about a new research that reveals how babies learn about their favorite foods and even their favorite type of music while still in the womb. It’s an eye-opening talk that teaches about a baby’s development.

8.   Play is more than fun

As a pioneer researcher of the impact of play towards human development, Dr. Stuart Brown talks about play and how it leads to the development of happy and smart adults.

9.   3 rules to spark learning

In this six-minute talk with Ramsey Musallam, a chemistry teacher, the idea of how fascinated curiosity can be towards learning is explored. Musallam suggests some innovative ways to learn and spark curiosity.

10. What do babies think?

Your baby’s mind, though still under development, is full of complex intelligence. Alison Gopnik explores this idea of what is in the mind of babies and reveals how babies know a lot more than we think.


These top 10 parenting TED talks are just fabulous

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The top 10 parenting TED talks


I do really think you would enjoy these top 10 parenting Ted talks they really opened up my eyes and made me think about my parenting in a different way which can I believe only be a good thing. You can see more of my parenting posts here including how to raise a mindful child


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