The Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Pet From Feeling Destructive

Guest post – Ways To Keep Your Pet From Feeling Destructive

Ways To Keep Your Pet From Feeling Destructive

Ways To Keep Your Pet From Feeling Destructive

Destructive tendencies are a common problem faced by pet owners today. With busy jobs and long to-do lists, not all pet parents are home during the day. Fight your pet’s boredom with smart solutions both for solo time and when you’re together.

Make Your Yard Pet-Friendly

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Time outdoors is a great way for pets to pass the day. Make sure your pet has plenty of food, water, shade, and toys. Even cats can enjoy some time out-of-doors in a semi-enclosed environment. Creative cat owners have come up with all kinds of ways to install cat tunnels and enclosures in the yard that provide access to fresh air, grass, and bugs without setting the animal completely free.

Give Your Pet a Great View

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Make sure indoor pets have something to look at during the day. Install cat perches in the windowsills. Open the blinds so your animals can see out. An aquarium is a great form of entertainment for cats (just make sure it has a lid). Lacking a real aquarium, you can offer similar entertainment with a virtual aquarium screen saver on your computer while you’re away.

Play Interactive Games with Your Pet

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At the end of a long day, you may want nothing more than to veg out on the couch and relax. However, this robs your pets of the little time they may have with you. Institute a daily routine that involves playing with your pets. Dogs like tug of war, Frisbee, fetch, and long walks. Your cat may enjoy chasing a laser pointer, feather teaser, or catnip mouse. Live social interaction is a great boredom buster.

Buy the Right Toys for Solo Play

Ways To Keep Your Pet From Feeling Destructive

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When you’re away, it’s important to offer the right toys for your pets. Try these options:

  • Puzzle balls with peanut butter or other treats inside
  • Open paper bags or cat tunnels
  • Cat toys with bells, feathers, or catnip
  • Chew toys or squeak toys for dogs

Switch toys out every few days so your pet always has something that feels brand new. There are lots of different pet toys on Price Grabber to explore.

Train Your Pet to Perform New Commands

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Training is a great activity for both mental and physical stimulation. The very act of working on new commands with your pet will also help to solidify your bond. You can train both cats and dogs to do new commands. Whether you’re working on sit and stay, or something more creative like fetching a tissue when someone sneezes, this activity is sure to keep your pet engaged.

Ways To Keep Your Pet From Feeling Destructive – Plan Interaction With Other Animals

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Most pets are very social creatures who enjoy interacting with others. Dogs can visit a dog park or pet store for some social excitement. Opportunities are less prevalent for cats, but playdates aren’t totally out of the question. If you start young, you can successfully build friendships for your cat with others and plan little get-togethers for the pets.

With a home full of engaging distractions and a schedule full of social activities, you can make sure that your pet is never bored and keep destructive behaviours to a minimum.


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