The UK city break survival guide

The UK city break survival guide

I do love a city break, particularly in the UK and there are a variety of reasons for that.



Our UK cities are diverse and fabulous, steeped in culture and history and all so absolutely unique with their own character and identity. They also have brilliant entertainment, awesome galleries and great shopping as well as a host of activities on offer. Don’t even get me started on their Christmas markets!

The UK has some splendid places to visit and it is rather fabulous not to have travel far from home to have a really great travel experience. Not only can it be a lot cheaper than going abroad, it is also much better for our carbon footprint to keep it localised. Rather than driving you can easily get trains to all the UK cities and be at the heart of the city easily. Travelling this way can be less stressful compared to negotiating airports or long drives and queues at the tunnel!

So yes, I absolutely would suggest a UK city break. But, what do we need to think about when on a UK city break?

Here are 5 top survival tips to keep you comfortable and safe on your trip and to help you get the very best from it …


Ask around

Friends are a great source of information on where to eat, sleep and stay. Before booking up for your trip, do have a chat on Facebook and see who knows what about where you are heading. Nothing beats word of mouth recommendations.


Defy the weather

Ah. the weather in the UK, probably our most oft discussed subject. UK weather is at best eclectic, varied and surprising. At worst it is wet, grim and often no one has any clue what it is going to do.

The key is to plan ahead and have a collection of outdoor and indoor things you want to do and see so you don’t resent any sudden downpours too much!  You don’t want to have to carry an umbrella around with you but a light mac might be a very good idea.


Plan your time

It can be really overwhelming to visit a UK city and realise quite how much there is to do. Making a plan and having a list mapped out of the top 5 things you want to see and do, is a really good idea to keep you focused and to plan your time. Do leave a little bit of time for getting lost though. It is fabulous to get a little lost in a new city and just see what you stumble upon.


Stay comfy

Exploring a new city often involves a lot of walking and it is really important you are comfy. You want to be packing comfy casual clothing like the selection of gorgeous casualwear from Bellfield Clothing – Just perfect for travel.


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