The ultimate guide to look good on a budget

Today – The ultimate guide to look good on a budget.


The ultimate guide to look good on a budget

Being stylish on a budget isn’t an impossible task. Moreover, most guys tend to use their budget as an excuse as to why they don’t dress sharply, but instead, go for a more… let’s say a dad look.

And, yes, maybe sometimes the budget is so spread out so thin that you can’t afford to spend even $30, but that’s what this article is here for.

So, let’s go over a couple of ideass, and some tips on how to look great without having to break the bank



And it all starts with the fit of the clothes.

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on clothes. You can spend $10 on a well-fitting t-shirt, and you can spend $100 on an ill-fitting t-shirt. And guess which one will look better on you – that’s right, the better fitting one.

And this goes for any garment really, but especially for suits. The only reason why a suit may not look good on you is really the fit of it.

If you get a well-fitting, slightly adjusted off the rack suit it will make you look like a million bucks.

The same thing goes for button-up shirts. Instead of buying a bad fitting, square crop shirt, go with something slightly more tailored and flattering of your body.

And once you have nailed the fit of your clothes, it comes time to change the way you shop.


Yup, changing shopping habits can help a lot with looking good on a budget.

We’re talking online shopping, hitting the discount rack and even giving second-hand stores a chance.

What most people seem to miss when it comes to shopping on a budget is to hit online stores. You can get yourself brand new shirts from John Henric for way less money than going to any major clothing store in your local mall.

Why? Well, online stores don’t really have to pay rent, so they can sell without the markup to make a profit. This means that you’re getting both higher quality for less money. And when you’re shopping on a budget you know that quality is everything. Having an item for three years and still looking good is very budget-friendly.

Also, don’t skip on the discount rack. You can find some pretty nifty items on sale and save yourself some money.

And then it’s all about spending smartly and getting yourself items that will last you long.



Have fun with fashion

It is important not to take fashion too seriously. Quirky fun fashion can look cool. A  rick and morty shirt  with great jeans and a suit jacket is a fantastic urban vibe. 


Shortly put, it’s about putting your money in quality items.

That’s right, if you want to look good on a budget, it’s about investing in clothes that won’t look outdated in two or three years.

Go for clothes like a nice suit, good button-up shirts, and a coat. For t-shirts and more casual clothing fit is key, so make sure everything you get yourself fits you properly.

And if you’re uncertain about what will look good in two years’ time, go for basics. Skip the printed tee’s, create a timeless wardrobe and you’ll be the king of looking good without breaking the bank.

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