The value of gemstones

Today – the value of gemstones


Jewels have always been a sign of wealth, haven’t they? As a child, I used to love to dress up in myGrandmas costume jewellery, pretend it was real and that I was a princess.

I longed for real jewels of my own.

Not only were they beautiful but they would bmeanI was very rich and could probably afford that pony I always hankered after after a swimming pool in my garden perhaps?

Emerald, sapphires, diamonds and especially rubies were my gems of choice.

Rubies are much-loved gems especially if you were born in July and have these as your birthstone. Their value isn’t only monetary though Rubies are considered to have a number of fabulous attributes that make them very valuable indeed.


The value of gemstones


The value of gemstones



Throughout our history rubies have often been worn by kings and warrior chiefs as it was believed to strengthen their leadership skills and their decisionmaking.


Rubies are also associated with love and passion and are said to bring success in romance!  Red is after all the colour of the heart. Did you know that in fact the word Ruby has its origin in the Latin language and it means red? How fabulous is that!


Rubies are also said to be really good for your health especially in regard to improving blood circulation.


The ruby has long been considered by the ancient Hindus to be the most precious of stones. It is considered by Hindus to be the ‘King of Gems’, as a  ‘tribute to its blood-red intensity, believed to protect the wearer from evil.’


So in terms of success, romance and wellbeing and protection ruby’s rock.

Do you have any rubies in your home?

I’d love to hear all about your favourite gemstones and how they add value to your life. They are so much more than simply pretty stones aren’t they?




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