Fabulous Things to do with Kids in Bali

Bali always sounds to me like a honeymoon destination – they have the best villas in Bali, long sweeping beaches, gorgeous sunsets and tranquillity.

Things to do with Kids in Bali

Or perhaps Bali sounds like a backpackers dream..parties till dawn, low-cost accommodation in cabins on the beach and great street food.

Such diversity and such an exciting and romantic destination

Have you been to Bali?

I have to say my Honeymoon was low budget Yorkshire and my teen years and the summers of my twenties were spent doing Camp America which I adored. I never made it backpacking to Asia sadly and have never explored Asia. Such a shame.

Now I have children I have to make sure any holiday destinations are family friendly and this makes me take the time to fully research wherever we are thinking of going.

So how does Bali fare when it comes to being the perfect family-friendly destination?

It actually has some really interesting (in fact utterly amazing and unusual) attractions to offer. Have look at some of the very best ….

Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory

What child does not love chocolate (there really cannot be many!) This is a chance for them to see chocolate being made which will totally fascinate all of you!  Its also a great insight into farming and where food really comes from. Located out in the villages of Bali the whole experience will be really ‘different’and eye-opening. The whole chocolate factory is built entirely of bamboo – you will never have seen anything like it


Waterbom Bali

I have to start my little list with the world-renowned Waterbom Bali reputedly the best waterpark in Asia. It is set in acres of natural parkland, is scrupulously clean and has awesome rides for the whole family. Sounds pretty perfect to me. There’s lots of room for lounging whilst the kids play too.

Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Kids (big and little) will love Bali’s treetop adventure park – it has zip wires and rope bridges, spider nets and jumps and there are seven different courses to choose from so definitely something for each age group. These range from the squirrel course which is suitable for ages 4 and up to the Adrenaline black circuit course which sounds altogether way too scary for me!

A pirate dinner cruise

How much fun does a pirate dinner cruise sound?You get to sail on a pirate ship, dress up as pirates and even play games with the pirate crew before having a luxurious buffet dinner on board. How very fabulous.


Trick Art 3D gallery

The trick art gallery is really unusual. It has 80 life-size and realistic 3d painting and they are interactive, scary, fun and interesting. A really fun way to get kids into an art gallery.  The gallery is located in Seminyak and you must, must, must take your camera. You will get the BEST photos.


Maha Restaurant

How do you feel about dining at a rabbit cafe with real live bunnies to pet? It’s certainly a unique concept. It’s inexpensive and set right within monkey forest. What more could you ask for in a kid-friendly lunchtime location?


Monkey Forest

The Monkey Forest in Ubud is a must-visit attraction for a family on a visit to Bali. The Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and Hindu temple complex and just the most wonderful place for kids to explore, apparently the monkeys are very friendly and uber cheeky and you have to be very careful not to get mobbed if you turn up laden with bananas. As well as being a fun place this is also known as a very sacred space.


Pondok Pekak Library

Does a library sound a really boring place to visit on holiday? I wouldn’t expect the kids to get uber excited about this until they actually get there and realise this really is a library with a difference. It has all sorts of interactive workshops from dancing to mask making, jewellery making and more, This fabulous Pondok Pekak Library really does show children some traditional Balinese cultural and artistic experiences and totally engages them in learning more about this amazing country and its crafts.



I pretty much guarantee this will be their favourite experience whilst in Bali. It’s all about the mud and fabulous mud games – which include wrestling, frog catching, tug of war and mud horse racing. You even get lunch and a muddy spa experience for the adults – so everyone is happy! Gosh, it sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? This is a really authentic Balinese experience too and it takes place in the rice fields near Ubud.

What little kid doesn’t love to get mucky?


So family friendly

So I think you can see there is an absolute wealth of things for kids to do in Bali and whether that’s petting rabbits, looking at art or playing mud games the experiences are unique, diverse and most importantly lots of fun.  And, I think it is important to remember children also get real value from ‘grown-up’ experiences such as hiking to the beautiful waterfalls of Bali or cycling around the paddy fields, or even indulging in a little spa trip (yes they do kiddie friendly spas too.) Bali is a holiday destination totally geared up for families, with so much to offer.

Yes, children do love a lovely beach and Bali has many but it has so much more than that-  it really does have some absolutely amazing child-friendly experiences too.



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