Thinking about moving House

Thinking about moving House

Over the past year we have spent a huge amount of time making our home more presentable. We have deep cleaned and decluttered. We have painted and filled cracks. We have worked really hard. So why on earth would we be thinking about selling on our home.

Thinking about moving House

Thinking about moving house – what to consider

Well we aren’t we are merely speculating. For some reason at the moment we have a myriad of thoughts about our life and our future. Whether we should go and live abroad and rent out our home. Whether we should move to somewhere bigger here and wait a few more years before we travel.

We have so many unanswered questions. For a start we have no idea what kind of money we would get from renting out our home.

Would we leave it furnished or would we need to fund storage too our of the rent we receive?

We also have no idea how much it would cots to upgrade our home and quite what our own home is worth. I know if any of our plans are going to come to fruition we do need to get our heads down and work out some facts,

I’ve recently heard about Property Networks a new social network for home owners, movers and property professionals. It’s a  social media app that is much more than a property portal. It is a programme  ‘built to connect people, to make the property sector more transparent and user friendly, and to harness the power of social media.’ Sounds very useful!

It has a section called property market which is designed to help our users decide whether or not to let out their property, based on the current local market. So if you have a family home and  want another family ideally to rent it they can give you a demographic of the type of people looking for similar properties to yours in the area and how much similar houses in the area are being let out for.

So handy

Visit the site to find out more

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  1. July 24, 2013 / 13:22

    That social media app sounds like a brilliant idea. Moving house and property in general can be far too much of a stressful thing. Will have to take a look at that!

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