This Is Why Pusheen’s The Cutest

why Pusheen’s The Cutest, pusheen's family

Why Pusheen’s the cutest

Do you know why Pusheen’s the cutest cat in town? You’ve heard about Pusheen and Pusheen’s family of course? What started as a comic strip on the website Everyday Cute, has quickly developed into a phenomenon. From Pusheen soft toys (see Pusheen toys here), to clothes, to just about anything you can put Pusheen on, she’s on! For the creator, Claire Belton though, the phenomenon means so much more than simply selling Pusheen soft toys and merchandise. There has been a movement of revolutionary proportions – yes that’s right, for a cartoon cat! Here we look at all things Pusheen and just why Pusheen is the cutest. So if you’re aware of Pusheen but want to know more, or if you feel like you may be missing something, then read on.




Pusheen – A Little Background

On the website, Pusheen is described as a short-haired domestic female cat who is grey and tabby. The comic strip was born based on the creator’s own life together, whilst the name originates from puisin which is Irish for kitten.

First appearing in 2010 little did Belton know just what a movement she was about to unleash upon the world. Pusheen got her own site a year later, and within 3 years was already “published” in print. At the same time Pusheen’s presence on Facebook was where she really impacted everyday life. She was available as a set of “stickers” that could be attached to messages on the site. Her popularity grew and she soon started appearing on clothes, mugs and as toys etc. But why is she so cute?



Simplicity is probably at the foundation of the phenomenon, plus you really do have to admit the Pusheen is just cute – cuddly, friendly and totally huggable. Together with its innocence, these factors allow Pusheen to lower people’s guards. The world in which we live can be brutal at times, and so a little harmless, innocent fun is always welcome.

You immediately relax and remove all sense of seriousness whenever you view Pusheen. It is this abandonment of life’s stresses that can be so heart-warming. After you’re fully relaxed and immersed into the Pusheen world, you will find yourself simply addicted to viewing a cartoon cat doing silly things, such as riding a bicycle, or reaching for a cupcake! When putting it into words you may feel that it is a little silly, but of course, it is and that’s the point. There is simply not enough silly going on in the world right now. More silly is needed at times, and people being able to smile, laugh and enjoy something without a second thought to their day, or problems, is exactly why Pusheen works.



Often it is joked that the internet was invented for cats – they can be fun, a little crazy, and totally watchable. So a cute cartoon cat is certainly a great way to get noticed.



Enjoying something yourself is always a great experience, but to then share the experience with others, or moreover indulge in the fun together is even more rewarding. Pusheen has that common touch i.e. she’s good to share with friends and family etc. What makes you smile or giggle will always be welcomed by those who know you best and of course, spreading happiness is a wonderful gift.


Pusheen is the cutest!

Pusheen ticks this box with all four paws. Children experience fun at a different level, it is truly innocent. As you get older you become more burdened by worries and concerns, but being able to have real “fun” even after a bad day is something that is holistically healing. Smiling is great medicine, laughter even more so.

So, of course, Pusheen is the cutest, and Pusheen toys are a wonderful gift to both receive and moreover give. Seeing the images and cartoons creates the memories that are thereafter revisited whenever you see or hold the toy.

If you don’t agree that Pusheen is the cutest then set yourself a challenge. Visit the site, pick up and hold a Pusheen toy, send a Pusheen cartoon to a friend and then observe both your reactions and theirs too. Do not challenge yourself to smile or laugh, just let it happen and of course, it will.

Pusheen is, at the end of the day, a cartoon cat. At the same time though she is so much more. She is a symbol of hope and happiness, of fun and of friendship, and these are important elements that you need more of in your life! So thank you Pusheen!


So now you know why Pusheen’s the cutest and Pusheen’s Family are just so sweet.


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