This week my family love……Cows

Did you know you can adopt a cow?

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As you may know we are big animal lovers in our family and today’s guest post is all about an animal I’ve always had a lot of respect for…

You may look at the cow as being very much an every-day run of the mill animal. Clearly there’s no way it’s going to be on the receiving end of as much love as your household pet, so I thought I’d lift the lid on cows and give them a little bit of profile and need I say, love!

Cows might not get the same degree of attention as the endangered lion’s raw, or the speed of the cheetah, or the swimming skills of the shark, but they are a vital player in the harmony of eco-systems as much as the widely referenced honey bee.

So, here I present a few interesting facts about the cow and why they are just as worthwhile of a few column inches as the other animals.

  • Cow Fact #1: Cows are considered sacred in many religions around the world that include Hinduism and Buddhism. In certain cultures, the cow is seen as a symbol of wealth and should therefore be protected. In fact, in areas of India the slaughter of a cow is forbidden, and their meat is not allowed to be either sold or eaten!
  • Cow Fact #2: Cows can consume up to 90 pounds of food each day – that’s like sitting at the dining table for 8 hours! You would think they’d need a bit of time to sleep that off, but on average they enjoy only 4 hours sleep a day and, unlike us two-legged creatures, they can even sleep standing up!
  • Cow Fact #3: Cows can be very beautiful and graceful creature to watch, and they seem so unbothered with what’s going on around them. Perhaps it’s because they have four stomachs working at the same time, and that keeps their mind off things!
  • Cow Fact #4: Cows are not in short supply and there are over 900 different breeds of cow worldwide, so next time you try and trick a cow, remember that they have lots of friends that could come mooing at your door!
  • Cow Fact #5: Cows have a very developed sense of smell, being able to get a waft of something from over 5 miles away!
  • Cow Fact #6: In the UK the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds runs a long-horn cow adoption scheme that sees one of the most distinguished cow breeds being used to maintain their nature reserves. Their job is an environmental lawn mower and fertilizer that is very welcome by the habitats they help to regenerate.



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