This Week My Family Loves …Flubit

This week my family loves Flubit.  It is a completely brilliant money saving website for  families on a budget.

Take a look at how it works..

I was challenged to buy items up to the value of £50 on Flubit and see what savings I could make. I decided to treat me and my other half for Christmas to items normally out of our price range.

This solar smock heart tunic is from FatFace, plus postage it would have cost me £39.95. I simply popped the URL into Flubit and 48 hours later they had got it for me for £33.30 incl postage. This saved me 15% (£5.65) and took about 2 minutes to list!!
flubit, family on a budget
For Jonny I wanted (Ssh don’t tell him it’s for Christmas) this fabulous trapper hat. Again from FatFace . I would have paid £23.95 for it but Flubit searched and got me 18% off and I only paid £19.71  saving £4.24
flubit, family on a budget, frugal fashion
So in all I saved £10  by doing a quick 5 minute Flubit search and awaiting 48 hours for their offers. I will happily work for £10 in 5 minutes wouldn’t you?
How fabulous.
Make sure to tell your friends this could save them a lot of money this Christmas!
Be sure to vist Flubit its just perfect for families on a budget.
Disclosure: I received £50 to spend at Flubit in order to review it. My opinions are my own. 


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