Three Energy Saving Technologies that will save your Home Money

 Today – Energy Saving Technologies that will save your Home Money

According to a recent report by the BBC, 2013 saw the highest levels of greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere since 1984. This means that now, more than ever, it is essential that you’re doing your bit to make your home greener. Although some people suggest it should be with the politicians to make laws that prevent large scale dumping of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, most global movements are implemented by individuals just like you (think of the civil, gay or women’s rights movements, for example), so do your bit and others will too.


3 Energy Saving Technologies that will save your Home Money

If you’re unsure of where to begin, here are three technologies that you could make use of in your home, and that would help reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Saving Technologies that will save your Home Money

LED Lighting That Lasts Forever and Reduces Your Electricity Bill

Purchasing LED bulbs is now a straightforward task thanks to online retailers like Expert Electrical, and once you’ve replaced your old bulbs with LED ones, you can be confident that you’re on the road to reducing your carbon footprint. LED bulbs are 100% recyclable, and they last over 20 years each. They’re also more than 80% efficient, and when you compare that to the 20% efficiency of a halogen bulb, you can be sure you’re lighting your home without much harmful effect on the environment – or your pocket.


Purchase a Solar Panel and Generate Your Own Electricity

Of course, you’ll still be drawing electricity from the national grid with your LED bulbs (and all of the other electricity-sapping devices in your home), so you should try to acquire a solar panel for your home.

The best way to get the most from your solar panel is to buy it outright, but they’re still relatively expensive, so you might have to purchase your panel on a government-backed scheme. These schemes will allow you to use the electricity from your panel, but they won’t allow you to recoup any cost by feeding the electricity you generate back into the national grid. This is only possible when you buy your panel outright.


Insulate Every Part of Your Home

Finally, double (or triple) glazing, under-floor natural heating, and wall and roof insulation are all great ways to ensure your house stays warm without having to turn up the heating.

Deciding to go with top-quality metal building insulation will significantly increase the percentage of the energy you save, which will result in lowering your utility expenses.


Use these technologies to your advantage and you’ll be sure to see significant savings in terms of your carbon footprint.


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