Thrifty fashion from a Swishing Party

Thrifty fashion from a Swishing Party

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Have you been to a swishing party?

I am loving the thrifty fashion I picked up at a swishing party recently

I have been promising to talk about the swishing party I went to with my good friend Amanda from the Ana Mum Diary blog for ages  and I keep getting sidetracked. Well I have  tea , toast and half an hour so are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll tell you the story.

Swishing parties are basically swap it parties. You all take along stuff you no longer want, pool it together then shop for free from the gathered items. They can be themed , for charity, formal, informal small or large affairs.

I saw a little advert for a swap your  frock swishing party over on the newt mums notice boards for my area. I have been to an informal swishing party before and I loved it but it had seemed a little unfair i had taken several bags of outgrown but lovely clothes and the 2 other invited had bought just a few items each. They left with loads and welll er I didn’t really!  being a formal event this had quite specific rules. You handed over 3 items and you got to take 3 items. It was all in aid of the fabulous charity The Stroke Association

It wasn’t a particularly well attended event (it was their first time.) We paid £5 to the charity on the door, handed over out clothes grabbed a drik form the bar and had a good browse. At 8pm we were elbows at the ready prepared to go swishing (or free shopping as I like to think of it)  but their was still a good variety of clothes to chooses from (well in my size …Amanda quite a bit slimmer than and didn’t get a lot in her size)

Do you want to see what I swished?

frugal fashion, swishing party

 This cute little jacket is from Next

swishing party, thrifty fashion, frugal fashion


 , swishing party


I think I did pretty well. my favourite item from the swish is a lovely black jacket but I will showcase that tomorrow at our regular linky the Frugal Friday Fashion Show. Do join in if you have any thrifty threads to show off It’s great to inspire each other,


Hiw I felt about the swishing party

I really enjoyed my evening and I managed to declutter socialise and shop all in one evening and it cost me very little whilst supporting a good cause. Amanda bless her went home with one of my tops for her mum! and 2 things she had taken with her. I do think an element of luck is involved in a good swishing party! I think I might have a kids book swishing party one day soon with my school gate mum friends I think that would be a top idea…lots of new reads for nothing (and the excuse for coffee and cake.)

By the way did you notice I got 5 pieces instead of 3. Well, they had some clothes spare which we were allowed to purchase at £1 each. So in all, I got 5 items of pre-loved clothing for 3 pieces of my old clothes and £2.

Now that is thrifty fashion!


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  1. November 9, 2012 / 17:34

    I’d LOVE to go to a swishing party but I’ve never seen any advertised in my local area…maybe I should take the reins and set one up myself? Love your haul by the way, looks like you did really well!

    • Becky
      November 9, 2012 / 17:37

      Jayne you should indeed why not just invite 4 people over and just go for it. A bottle of wineof a pot of tea,,,a bit of cake and a right good swish!

  2. November 12, 2012 / 20:15

    This made me chuckle, you are tight, I definitely didnt do as well as you. however it was a really good giggle. Even the windscreen wipers on the way home heehee!

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