Thrifty Friday #5frugalthings

One day and a host of thrifty choices bring me to this Thrifty Friday

Simple but effective Thrifty Friday round-up

1) Today I decided to wear what I have for a wedding this month, no-ones going to be looking at me so why spend money I can’t afford to buy a dress I’ll only wear once whilst I’m at a weight I hate.  So yes a little bit of mending with some glue for clothes and I can wear my old stuff and be happy

2) I was going to go out for coffee but have decided to go see a friend instead who will give me coffee for free 🙂

3) I was going to drive to my local pharmacist and pay parking of £1 but if I walk instead it will cost me nothing and TBH I need to start moving more

4) I was going to join a slimming class but I know what to do so why spend £20 a month when I’ll probably not follow it anyways hey

5)  I also was going to have some face treatment because i m feeling all old and wrinkly I’m early 50 and it is what it is,  so I  have shelved that ideas too.

It all choices. Being thrifty, like life is a series of small choices that either get you in a mess or set you free


Hope you are okay and have made some good and thrifty choices this week  do have a look at my post on 100 family things to do in autumn on a budget   for inspiration for half term

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