Thrifty Gardening Tips and Ideas

I have some thrifty Gardening tips and ideas for you today  I do hope you enjoy them.


Garden fun

I’m going to start you off with a joke. (because a laugh is one of the best cost-free things ever! )

What did the bee say to the flower?  Hi Honey

 Thrifty Gardening Tips


Thrifty Gardening Tips and Ideas

If you would like to read a whole load more flower puns do check out this post on flower jokes at Growing Family


Grow veggies – Thrifty Gardening Tips and ideas

Do pop and have a read of my post on how to grow veggies even in a teeny tiny garden

Out r lettuce has been abundant this year and our tomatoes are coming. Growing your own is thrifty and definitely fun.


Save the Bees

We purchased a save the Bee Saver Pack from Friends of the earth this week for the kids and it was awesome. It included a bee poster, some seeds for a bee-friendly garden and a chart to tell you what plants help them when.

My son and I had great fun guerrilla gardening o with our seed and planting them in barren places in our neighbourhood, topping them with some soil furtively hidden in a bag in ou pockets and a squirt of our water bottle. I wonder if they will grow?



Nature Art – Thrifty Gardening Tips and Ideas

One of the best things about having a lovely garden is the free crafting material it provides us with. Here’s a mandala we had fun making this week.



Colouring or creating mandalas are an amazing way for kids to feel calm – they have to focus so much the brain stops worrying and fretting and is able to relax. The repeated patterns are also extremely calming.

This is actually an activity from my brand new book Create Your Own Calm which is full of 50 activities to help kids feel more relaxed. It is actually out in September but so many kids are struggling at the moment my publishers decided to bring the ebook version forward and you can pre-order now for delivery on 24/7



More thrifty gardening tips

My new book  A year of nature craft and play is packed with thrifty gardening tips , nature crafts, science , garden art projects and more. it is for kids age 6-12 and suitable for whole family fun. It has upcycled planters, how to make a ponds and so much more.  I do hope you are going to love it! 


becky goddard-hill, nature crafts


Edible flowers – thrifty gardening & cooking

Flowers are not just for the bees though or for crafting with or joking about nope. They also double as food. This week I have created an edible flower list and look at ways to use them too




So there you go a whole host of thrifty gardening tips and ideas to keep you busy on a budget having fun in the best room in your house! 

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