Thrifty Gifts for Christmas to Start Planning Now

I love to give homemade gifts,. Not only can they be a great budget option but more than that I think they have wrapped up in them a whole lot of good stuff including ,,,







Nothing handmade is ever exactly the same and often as you make it you think a great deal about the person it is intended for.  I like to have a well stocked gift drawer and I hate to be caught out so I gift plan through out the year.

Here are 4 thrifty gifts that need a bit of advanced planning:

Scarves and hats

Unless you are a speed knitter these need to get underway a while in advance particularly if you are making a few sets!  I remember age 12 making one for my grandad and it took weeks to do.  It was rubbish and holey and never have I been more proud.

Photo Books

For the last 2 years for Christmas I have presented my 2 young children with photo books . My seem an odd choice for a 5 and 8 year old but they have been utterly delighted with them and they rank among their top gifts. I have filled these photo book with pictures I have taken throughout the year of their lives. These include  of their friends of their hobbies, of birthdays holidays days out and ordinary moments too. The children delight in these and I know these gifts will be ones they keep and look back on when their old.

I have a mass of photos from when I were young that I am not sure  when and who they are of. I hope by ordering them in these photo books and writing little notes it will trigger happy memories for the kids.


Jam Making

My best friend picks strawberries as they grow and makes up batches of jam. She saves these to give as gifts at Christmas with a little be-ribboned tub of homemade scones. I think that’s so sweet (no pun intended).

Pickled Onions

Often at Christmas my dad would give jars of pickled onion and cabbage he had made. He made so many jars they took over the kitchen. He would literally save every jar we used all year in order to have enough for Christmas!

So some gifts require a little pre- planning – but how precious they are !






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