What Thrifty Means #5frugalthings

Thrifty means ….

‘practising thrift or economical management; frugal: a thrifty shopper.’
How’s your thrifty week been? Let me tell you about mine


Thrifty means being organised

One of the most productive things we did this week was giving our tin and fridge a real once over so that we can be sure what food is near its use by date gets eaten up.

This organising also meant we could make a really good meal plan that meant there was no waste. We do try and do this on a regular basis but it’s not so easy to find the time.  However, one silver lining of lockdown is we do have more time. We also have more people eating at home regularly so we get through way more food – meal plans have been a must.


thrifty means


Thrifty means Snail Mail

This week I received a postcard from Tasmania and a card from Saint Albans Way,  both of them absolutely warmed my heart.

I think it is lovely when friends cross the miles with something as simple as a handwritten note and I have to think that it really is something I should do more of. Snail mail is a cheap and simple pleasure and one that is so appreciated.

I put both the card in the post go to my desk and I’ve looked at them a lot over this week I thought about my friends who sent them and their kindness and I think it’s something I’m going to be doing a lot more because it’s probably the cheapest form of happiness isn’t it, just sending someone a letter or a card, and so valued.


thrifty means snail mail


Thrifty means hustling

I’ve always been a positive person and positivity has been in abundance in my life since I was very young.

Earlier this year I was quite poorly though and being a self-employed person that had quite a knock-on effect financially. I don’t qualify for the government’s Self-Employment grant which was pretty disappointing and I work in marketing and copywriting and it is thin on the ground at the moment.

This has meant I have had to be creative and hustle a little and I have managed to conjure up for myself some new work and some new projects thank goodness which means that money is back on track.

We always say our children are more most creative when they are bored and I have to say for me I think I’m most creative and productive when times are hard (possibly because I have to be?)


Thrifty means reflecting

We can use the cars again now to drive to destinations for walks. Yesterday I took my car out for the first time in about four months and we drove to a lovely local spot and had a walk, me and my daughter and it was really relaxing and good to be somewhere new. Yet whilst I enjoyed it I realise that if I’ve managed this long without a car, do I actually really need one?

There is a bus that goes past the end of our road by the canal which would’ve led to a lovely park area anyway.


Apart really from picking up the kids from school,  taking to the doctor appointments or clubs, I don’t actually drive very much.

I do walk an awful lot. I love walking.

I’ve never really liked driving and I am wondering if it’s just a really big expense a really big expense that I don’t need. I never drive outside Nottingham anyway as I’m an anxious driver and unless I’m driving very local I never feel comfortable. Maybe it’s something I do not need in my life, do you ever consider getting rid of your car?

Thrifty mean eflecting on all areas of your life to see if you are being wateful.


Thrifty means researching

I have been learning some new things recently. One of the things I’ve been focusing on is SEO search engine optimisation.I think I told you last week I bought a little course on it well the course was an expense but I had 30% off. It was really, really well recommended and I can see the fruits of my labour already. I just wanted to say really that’s what I’m all about not spending too much sometimes I do think it’s very valuable to invest in yourself but that the research behind that it’s really important.

I have quite often bought courses that have proved not worthy. I got a very cheap course a few weeks ago that I’d seen advertised on the Internet and it was only priced at $10.  It promised a magic 10 ways to X and I was excited but then so disappointed – I’d read it all before. To be honest it was rubbish and despite being super cheap at $10 it was a waste of my money.

I do think it’s worth spending money on learning but cheap options are often exactly that.

Research what you spend your cash on folks – that’s what being thrifty means.


So they’re my money thoughts this week and the frugal things I’ve done. Mainly I have been considering what being thrifty mean.s

Thrifty means many things doesn’t it? Some action, some thinking, some researching.

What do you think thrifty means?

I hope your week has been okay and that you are well and healthy. I would love to hear from you about how you save money this week or any money thoughts that you have had.

Take care and I will see you next week for five more Frugal Thoughts



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  1. May 15, 2020 / 20:02

    Well done on the hustling! I am starting to do a bit more of that too. Times are tough….

  2. May 18, 2020 / 17:22

    Thanks so much for your thoughts this week! It’s given me cause to be reflective too. I’ve worked out the pros and cons of having a car and all the expense, so I gave up mine. Leisa and I are timid drivers too, and don’t even drive into the city centre! But Leisa has kept her car for grocery shopping, church, etc. I’ve heard some talk recently about seeing if your car insurers will give you some credit or cash back since we weren’t all using our cars. I should check that out.
    Sending big hugs and hope that work picks up for you soon.

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