Top 10 Coffee Brands You Should Know.

Top 10 Coffee Brands That Are Worth The Hype

As coffeeholic, we are more often than not faced with an undying quest for a perfect coffee experience. Regardless of past experiences, this quest defines our taste and preference at every opportunity we get with coffee at any moment.


For some of us, we rate our choices on the type, grind method, brewing procedure, and roast technique in cafés. We also take into consideration the price, taste, brand popularity, and health effect of our choices. So whether we are presented with a low-acidic coffee like a Lifeboost Coffee or a high-calorie latte, these choice-tips matter.


The beauty of coffee is that it is produced and presented in different ways, such that you won’t be short of choices. Therefore, below is a collection of top-rated coffee brands that could potentially provide the best moments with coffee in a lifetime.



Not all coffee companies come close to Starbucks in terms of popularity, and this is due to their artful marketing and advertising method. Well, they have the results too: with yearly net sales of $23.5 billion, they top the chart of the best coffee-producing brands worldwide. Starbucks is mostly known for its dark-roasted, and consequently, bitter coffee. And of course, this makes them a go-to option for the caffeine-inclined.


Top 10 Coffee Brands

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ is one of the largest beverage-led (and doughnut) stores in the world with annual revenues of about $1.3 billion. Unlike Starbucks, it is more like a traditional restaurant with a free doughnut bonus. Not only that, it processes coffee with a slightly burnt and less bitter taste.


Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee cements its spot in the coffee market as the biggest in Britain. With over 3000 stores worldwide, quite a number of coffee drinkers storm the outlets due to its perfect balance of well-tasting, medium-roasted, and rich-flavored coffee blends. This quality is particularly evident in their best-selling Flat White and Caramel Cortado drinks.


Nescafe, as a coffee brand, is an offshoot of Nestle, one of the biggest food processing organizations based in Switzerland, With É by Nescafe — an app-like mug coffee maker — Nescafe stretches its services to customers past their store locations, while offering a host of personalized coffee products.


Peet’s Coffee

If there’s any traditional coffee brand gaining ground in the United States, it is Peet’s Coffee. Like Starbucks, it has a good mark of providing dark-roasted Arabica coffee. But the difference is that such coffee offers variations of flavor, thereby neutralizing the burnt-taste effect.



Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gloria Jean’s makes this list with a yearly income of $3.88 billion. It emerges as a top-flight retail coffee brand because it offers a variety of freshly-brewed drinks, like the Mocha Coconut Chiller, Irish Creme, and the Sugar Cookie Latte. Of course, this distinct quality keeps the customers.


Top 10 Coffee Brands


Because virtually everyone loves McDonald’s, McCafé enjoys the advantage of such backing. Owned by McDonald’s, McCafé brews its coffee every 30-45 minutes, and this accounts for the freshly-brewed taste we enjoy at every jolt. And if you’ll be here soon, prepare for a nutty, flavourful aftertaste of a well-roasted coffee.




Here’s an iconic US-based coffee company that has established itself in the coffee global market with about $2 billion in yearly revenues. It holds a remarkable drive for new blends for all coffeeholic, thanks to its insistence on mountain-grown beans. As a result, customers would always love its Folgers Breakfast Blend.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is one of the oldest, yet simple and low-pressured coffee chains. Founded and based in Ontario, Canada, it offers coffee options for a simple person with simple choices. Like Dunkin’, doughnuts are easy to get. And you might just become a regular customer after a trial.



Luigi Lavazza is an Italian-centered coffeehouse with an existing stronghold dating back to 1895. Our forefathers and foremothers must have loved its premium Italian coffee quality. And if you can’t but pick a Lavazza Super Crema, a Lavazza Del, or a Lavazza Gran Espresso on an express menu, here’s a place of your shared heritage.


Wrapping Up

While this list offers a variation to choose from, there are other emerging brands in different locations. All you need to do is to check around, ask for recommendations, surf the net; and when you find one, give it a trial. Who knows if such a brand has got one more top-notch patronage? Anyway, you can also check this post to see the 7 food and drink items that I think are worth the splurge.


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