Top 10 High Street Fashion Trends for Summer 2022

Sizzling Summer Trends

It’s summertime, and the living is finally easy again. The skies are (mostly) clear and blue, the temperatures are climbing, and everyone’s off to the beach the first chance they get. We can finally pack away our down coats, heavy boots, and scarves for a blissful six-month holiday from all things grey and cold. Time to don your shorts and sandals, sundresses, and sunglasses and take a walk on the warm, sunny side.

While we have the basic blueprint for summer looks- shorts, pleated mini skirts, lightweight fabrics, hats – the trends change with each passing season. What was hot last summer might not be as in demand this year, so while there are likely to be some basics in your wardrobe that you can and should re-wear, we’ve got the low down on the top trends for summer 2022. From Adidas shoes to bright, solid colours to teeny tiny tops, we’ve got the details on all the trends you should be trying out this summer.

Top 10 High Street Fashion Trends for Summer 2022

Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels



Negative space is the only space you need to worry about this summer. The great thing about the cutout trend is that you can go as big and bold or as minimal and understated as you want to. A dress that would otherwise look too formal is made a little more fun by diamond cutouts on the ribs. A daring mini gets an added edge from cutouts all the way over the hips. This trend is easily moldable to your preferred style.


Bra Tops

Bra tops are hardly a new trend, but they are hanging strong for another year. Not only are bra-shaped crop tops on the menu, but wearing actual bras as the top is here as a starter as well. This peekaboo trend can be daring, or a little more toned down: wear a solid fabric bra just barely peeking out from behind a buttoned shirt or a sheer fabric bra under a blazer.


Low Rise

Much to the dismay of everyone over thirty, low-rise jeans are once again making a play for the denim throne. The new generation has spoken, and they want more skin. Radically low-rise jeans are back, a la Kiera Knightly in the early 2000s. Teamed with a tiny bra top, they can be torso lengthening. Paired up with heels and an oversized blazer, you have the perfect night out look. The low rise trend isn’t relegated to denim alone: sweats and cargos are back in low-rise variants as well.



Did someone say, Blair Waldorf? You can ditch the headbands, but we’ll say yes, please. Pleats make their way back onto the trend charts on a semi-regular basis, so it’s no surprise we see them back again as the season of short skirts rolls around once more. Pleats aren’t just appearing on minis and plaid this season; they’re everywhere. From fully pleated maxi dresses to minis to shimmering metallic midi skirts, pleats just want to give you a hug.


Lime Green

Think 90’s bean bags but really, really fashionable. Another Y2K trend that’s back from the archives is bright, juicy lime green everything. This hue will work perfectly on gorgeously tanned summer skin. Elevate it with a formal silhouette or keep it high-street with the tank tops and halters that we’re seeing as clubwear.


Top 10 High Street Fashion Trends for Summer 2022


Image by Pixabay via Pexels



Was fringe ever NOT a trend? Well, horrified as we are to learn that we’ve been off-trend for the past decade or so, we’re thrilled to report that fringe is back. This is another trend that can be over the top or down to earth depending on your preference: go full fringe all a la Carrie Bradshaw, or keep it understated with a little at the hem for a more day-to-day look.



Suiting up has never looked so good. Matching co-ords are still bang on trend. The best thing about a matching suit is that you can mix it up, bottom, and top together or as entirely separate outfits. A bright, colour-blocked cotton or linen suit is the perfect summer date outfit.


Halter Necks

A classic summertime look, the halter neck is back again for 2022. Bar some skin with bare soldiers in a riot of colours and styles. Nothing says “Why yes, I am on my holidays!” more than a halterneck top or, even better, a full-length catsuit for a little extra drama. You can go barely there or slightly more modest and choose from every fabric under the summer sun.


Hot Pink

Another colour of the season is hot pink. We’re seeing shades of passion pink in unexpected fabrics this year: lots of naturals like linen and cotton and even a few types of denim. This Barbie hue is back from the 80s, and no one’s afraid of standing out in this delicious summer colour.



Image by Artem Biliaikin via Pexels


Mini Skirts

To absolutely no one’s surprise, mini skirts are trending for yet another summer. There’s something about stretching out a pair of well-tanned legs on the beach or boardwalk in the summer heat with only a mini hugging your thighs. Mini skirts can be styled up or down, work for a date, to dinner with the folks, or for a night out with the girls. It’s a win, win, win situation.


Wrap Up

These summer high street trends are easily accessible, easy to wear, and will add an element of fun to your summer after a few years of being down and out. Let the season of the sun begin!



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