Top 5 Budget Family Cars

Guest Post – Top 5 Budget Family Cars

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Top 5 Budget Family Cars


Top 5 Budget Family Cars

Here are five of the best budget family cars available.

Volkswagen Golf hatchback

The VW Golf still stands at the pinnacle of family hatchbacks – a symbol of everything that the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and their contemporaries aspire to be. As the seventh generation offering in the range, Volkswagen has had plenty of time to near-perfect it. There are some new optional gadgets, such as an eight-inch touch-screen and a system that parks for you. The car itself is lighter with a sporty silhouette, but still offers plenty of space, both in its interior and in the boot. Whether you want petrol or diesel, you’ll get a smooth and quiet ride with both.

Expect to pay: £16,285 – £24,375

Hyundai i30 hatchback

With its sharp and stylish interior and a collection of gadgets that make it seem like Q created it for James Bond, this is a very upmarket vehicle for the price. With it you’ll find LED daytime running lights, heated door mirrors and a multi-function steering wheel, as well as Bluetooth connectivity – all as standard. It comes in 1.4-litre petrol and diesel and 1.6 litre diesel versions and won’t guzzle petrol, so you won’t break the bank on fuel costs. Voted 2012 Car Buyer Car of the Year.

Expect to pay: £13,995 – £22,805

Ford B-MAX hatchback

This one offers all the driving experience you get with a Ford Focus, only with a little extra room and greater practicality for those with families. In the rear you have sliding doors, rather than the traditional hinge, which should prevent any denting accidents courtesy of the kids. With a 150cm wide opening, loading and unloading will be a doddle. It’s a comfortable drive and economical with fuel, which is another little bonus for the budget.

Expect to pay: £12,995 – £18,895

Skoda Yeti SUV

If you’re looking for something a little bigger or a little different to the traditional family hatchbacks, then the Skoda Yeti is well worth a look. While still front-wheel drive rather than four-wheel, its raised suspension means it should be able to handle some light off-road work. Naturally it offers a decent amount of space, as well as storage space in the boot. Its engine is pretty reasonable too, with both the diesel and petrol versions being good as far as economy goes. All versions come with air-conditioning as standard for a more comfortable drive.

Expect to pay: £15,735 – £24,400

Kia Cee’d hatchback

Just like the Hyundai i30, the Kia offers an upmarket driving experience at budget prices. Inside, it’s stylish, doesn’t short change you on space and offers both driver and passengers a comfy ride. It also has an impressive boot space. There’s also a whole list of gadgets and technology to play with as standard. To top it all off, it’s probably one of the most economical cars you’re likely to come across, especially the diesel version. Choose from a five-door hatchback, SW Sportwagon estate or the three-door Pro-Ceed’d hatchback.

Expect to pay: £15,695 – £23,795

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