Top 5 Spain Travel Tips: A Complete Guide

Have you been dreaming about a trip to Europe? Unforgettable, fulfilling, and marvelous experience? Spain is a great choice! However, planning the trip might take you a while and it is not only the itinerary that you should take care of. Check out these top 5 Spain travel tips to make it easier. 


  • Adapt to Spanish Timeline 

You have probably heard rumors of the laid-back lifestyle of the Southerners – late hours, long breaks, and nightlife. Well, all of it is true! Before setting off on your trip, make sure you understand that life in Spain moves at a different pace than you might be used to. They tend to wake up late, and their afternoons last up to 8 pm. Do not forget about siesta! The nap usually starts in the early afternoon, and they take their sweet time resting. Dinner is not until the late evening, and many residents tend to have their meals as late as 10 pm, and of course, there may be some festivities afterward. Knowing this beforehand will make it much easier for you to adjust to their relaxing schedule. 


5 Spain Travel Tips

Late evening in Spain


  • Travel By Trains And Buses

The public transportation system in Spain is very well developed, so you will save both time and money by choosing Spain trains or buses. The transport is clean and quick, so you will have a comfortable trip, whether you will be taking a local trip through the city, or taking longer routes, moving between several regions. The prices are very adequate and you can book a ticket in advance if you already have a clear schedule for your travels through Spain! 

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  • Try The Spanish Food

Authentic food is a signature mark of any country, so it is super important to try at least something of the local cuisine while you are traveling abroad. And Spanish cooking is simply marvelous! Join the fellow tourists and residents for a meal of the famous tapas, paellas, and sweet, refreshing glass of sangria. Many restaurants serve traditional Spanish dishes, so finding one will not be so difficult. However, we suggest checking out smaller establishments as well, for a cozier atmosphere, and also, it is very important to support small-scale, local cafes! 


5 Spain Travel Tips


Spanish sangria


  • Book Things Online

Just like we already mentioned, booking tickets ahead of time is very helpful and advisable. Apart from booking accommodations, we suggest buying the tickets for transportation and sightseeing online as well. Regarding trains and buses, the ticket will be an assurance that you will get a seat and if you are seeking more comfort, you can even reserve desired seating in advance. Not to mention that you will not have to roam stations looking for cash registers. As for sightseeing, buying tickets online will help you avoid the long lines and will probably save you some money, as prices tend to increase the later you buy the ticket. Finally, just remember that Spain is an extremely popular holiday destination, so if you book everything online it will save you from facing the disappointment that is sold-outs. 


  • Try To Avoid Peak of The Season

Yes, most of the time people travel to Spain in the middle of the summer, and this is us telling you why you think twice before doing the same! There are multiple reasons, really. One is that June to August is the peak of the season for visiting Spain, so the amount of travelers will be extremely high. If you are not a fan of huge crowds, or if you are cautious of COVID-19 and try to avoid the masses, we suggest picking late spring or early autumn for your holiday. The weather is still very warm, but not as scorching as in the middle of summer. That might be another reason for you to reconsider the time of your trip. Milder weather will let you enjoy the country without the fear of sunburn and dehydration. 

Hopefully, our guide will make your planning easier and you can enjoy the country like a true local. If you fall in love with it so much you can’t resist checking out if you could buy a property here do have a look at this Spanish mortgage calculator.

Keep these tips in mind, put the final dots on your itinerary and the only thing left is packing a suitcase. Have a wonderful time, and hasta la vista!



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