Top 6 Beer Gifts For Dad (2022)

Christmas is right around the corner, and perhaps your dad’s birthday might be too. This means it’s time to start thinking about gifts to get them. If they are alcohol lovers like most are, then you may want to consider these top beer gifts for dad.

Even if they claim to have everything already and only want the most basic of things, there are still options out there. Showing interest in the little things they enjoy in life, even beer, is a good way of showing your appreciation.



Top 6 Beer Gifts For Dad

The Tennent’s Experience

Tennent’s offers a whole host of experiences and items to gift someone with this Christmas. How often are you able to delve into the history of Scotland’s biggest brewery? Treat Dad to a tour of the rich history behind Tennent’s incredible journey and experience exactly what goes into every pint.

A brewery tour is a great excuse for a day out and is the perfect gift for those who claim they need nothing. Simply book your appointment, turn up on the day and enjoy a free pint at the end.

If you’re looking for something more as a physical presence, then you’re in luck. They also offer a Christmas range full of Tennent’s themed advent calendars, gift sets, and accessories. Perfect for those who really love beer, in particular Tennent’s.

The Tennent’s advent calendar is a great option if you’re looking for something in the lead-up to Christmas. If it’s more of an on-day gift, then a gift set or some accessories are best.


Home Draft Beer

Draft beer at home may sound like a bit of a myth to those unaware. But recent advancements in technology have made it very much possible. Although it comes with a bit of a price tag, it is an investment worthwhile to any avid beer lover.

Many of the new draft beer machines are streamlined in design, so they aren’t an eyesore in the kitchen. They even come with many different colourways that can fit into any given style.

 Many mainstream brands like Philips now offer draft beer kits to install at home. Simply plug it in, chill it down to its required temperature and fill it with your favourite keg. For as long as it’s plugged in, you now have a draft pint available at all points throughout the day. The kegs open up a new way of gifting too. There are plenty of brands out there to choose from, so simply just keep topping them up for every special occasion. It’s a win-win!


Beer Cooling Cups

An inexpensive yet amazing gift. Cooling cups are plastic beer glasses lined with special freezing gel. Pop them in the freezer and when it’s time for a well-deserved pint, simply crack them out, and your pint will be held cool for hours.

They come equipped with silicone grips so that you don’t have to worry about freezing cold hands whilst holding your beverage. This is the perfect solution to those pesky secret Santa gifts or stocking fillers.


IPA Beer Gift Hamper

Perfect for those curious beer drinkers who love experimenting with new things. An IPA gift hamper is a great solution and helps support small breweries at the same time. Filled with a variety of different cans, varying in all kinds of flavours, Dad will be spoiled for choice.

A great gift for those chill nights, they might find their new favourite beer.


Dad’s Beer Garden

If building a mancave hut in the garden was one of your dad’s lockdown tasks, then this is the gift for you. When Dads build something they love, the only thing they want to do is claim it as their own. Customisation is always a great way of putting some personality into your present. 

Coming in a variety of colours, shapes, and forms from slate tiles or planks of wood, you can hang up a nifty custom sign indicating ‘Dad’s beer garden’. A good gift for a bit of a chuckle and personality.


Custom Beer Glass

It might seem crazy, but a glass really can enhance your beer-drinking experience. It’s something that many dads’ treasure and they are amazed by the simplest things, like the shape or design of glass. A custom beer glass makes for a great gift. 

Personalise a nice-looking glass with their name, initials, or a favourite phrase, and it may be their new favourite glass to use. It’s a small detail, but it’s the little things that count.


To Sum It Up

Gifting for people, in general, can be very difficult. It makes it even harder when their only interest is beer. But that doesn’t make it impossible to work with.

This guide has explored the very best gifts you can consider for beer dads out there.


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