Top 7 Best Developmental Games for Kids

If your kid struggles to learn using books or worksheets, educational games or kids magazines can be a great alternative. We have researched the games available in Norway with the help of our expert, Nina Olsendburg, from beste nettcasino. She has found the following to be the best developmental games for kids.


Best Developmental Games for Kids

Top 7 Best Developmental Games for Kids


National Geographic Kids Games

National Geographic offers games of all types to teach kids about animals, geography, and many other topics in a fun and understandable way. Many of these games include the classics from the old National Geographic Kids magazines like “Funny fill-ins,” quizzes, and more interactive options.

Kids can learn about dung beetles while racing as one in a derby or learn about recycling as they clean with a virtual critter. Or, they can explore the hundreds of exciting videos on various topics.


PBS Kids Games

Many parents know at least one of the PBS shows like the back of their hand. You can take advantage of your kids’ love for these shows to help them learn. offers a library of games based on all our favourite shows. The games cover subjects like social studies, feelings, engineering, healthy habits, and music. 

Your child can learn about art, science, healthy living, and maintaining mental health with their favourite characters, songs, and art. 


Best Developmental Games for Kids



Can’t seem to get your child off their devices? They might be interested in learning how to code their own games and websites. Tynker uses familiar characters and themes and fun video lessons to teach kids anything from coding mods to web development. 

These award-winning courses are self-paced and offered to kids from as young as five. Your child can learn game design, web design, hardware basics, Minecraft coding, and block code in bite-sized chunks with their favourite characters.  


Camp Wonderopolis

This magical website offers a multitude of summer courses on topics ranging from music to science. The National Centre of Families created it in 2010 as an affordable way for children to stay active and keep practising the skills they learned in school while on vacation.

There are five camps available: Mission to Wonder, Connect with Your Wonders, Flex Your Wonder, Symphony of Wonders, and Build Your Own WonderCity. Each of these camps has a different focus, but all aim to keep kids engaged through educational activities. 



Tinybop is your child’s key to all the secrets of the world. It teaches kids the fundamentals of science and engineering in an interactive way. Some of their products include digital toys to assemble and interactive lessons on things such as the human body and states of matter.

The creators encourage parents to learn and play with their kids. They’ve even provided handbooks and other ideas for some fun science or engineering. Sit down together, and learn about the wonders of the world with beautiful animations and fun games for kids on 



GoNoodle is getting kids active and out of their seats more than ever, and it’s showing promising results. Statistics available on their website show how not moving around enough affects children’s mental and physical health.

GoNoodle encourages parents and educators to get up and move with their children every day, and they offer fantastic ideas for games on Get out, and start dancing and jumping your way to a healthier and happier future with your kids. 


Best Developmental Games for Kids


Vocabulary Spelling City

This website is designed for children ages four and up to help them start reading, develop grammar skills, and broaden their vocabularies. There are various themed spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and writing games with themes like bug smashing or rodeo bulls. 

You can sign up for the free or premium version. The latter gives you access to even more games, homework examples, and lists to help your child develop their language skills.



Other Ideas to Try

If you want to teach your child math, patience, memory, problem-solving, and fine motor skills in a fun way, card games such as poker or board games such as Monopoly are options. It’s easy to simplify the rules of Monopoly or poker for kids. Plus, then they can join in on family game nights. 



Whether you’re homeschooling or simply trying to help your kids improve, you don’t need to lock away the phones and start lecturing anymore! Look into these and other educational and developmental games to help your child learn in a fun and interesting way.



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