Top cars for new families looking for value for money

Today Top cars for new families

These days, most families are looking to save money where they can, and as such are very much interested in finding good value from their car in terms of purchase price and the costs associated with running that car; fuel economy, road tax and regular servicing. Here are a couple of Peugeot models that should fit that bracket for most frugal families on the move.

The Peugeot 207

The Peugeot 207 was a big-seller in the UK, combining an attractive price with a good level of specification and a large and versatile interior. These traits alone made it a popular choice for families on a budget; throw in some of the most fuel efficient engines around and it was a done deal for many thousands of UK buyers. And those high-volume new 207 sales means that there are plenty of good examples of the French supermini on the used car market, with prices mostly on the right side of affordable.

The 207 has recently been replaced by the all-new 208 model, which the keen-eyed out there will have noticed is a lot smaller on the outside than the 207. This release of the new 208 has helped to stabilise 207 prices and while of course the new 208 is a more modern car with greater fuel efficiency through new engines and lighter weight, the 207 can still return some pleasant fuel economy figures when driven smoothly,.

All that body size on the outside means that the 207 gets a large, hardwearing and practical interior, as well as one of the very biggest hatchback boots in the segment. Further space can be made with a rear row of seats that can quickly and easily fold down onto the boot floor, making the 207 hatch almost van-like inside. With all of this space put to good use, the 207 can carry a family of five in comfort and still make space for a week’s worth of luggage.

Engine-wise, the 207 enjoys a good range of modern petrol and diesel powerplants, and with the most frugally-angled motors you’ll enjoy some of the best fuel efficiency around. Peugeot are known for their diesel engines, so if high miles are on the family car agenda, a 207 diesel could return some very attractive miles-per-gallon figures. Families travelling fewer miles in a year should check out the small capacity petrol engines for best economy. Find a wide range of used Peugeot 207 models for sale here.

Top cars for new families


The Peugeot 107

Even smaller than the 207 and sitting in the city car segment of the new and used car markets is the nippy little 107. For smaller families on a budget, the diminutive 107 can be a great choice. It won’t quite carry the load of the bigger 207 – especially in the boot area which is a lot smaller – but its good-size cabin can handle four adults on a day out, or indeed two adults up front and three children across the rear seats. Usefully, the 107 can be had as a 3-door or a 5-door bodyshell, so those without regular rear seat passengers can go for the cooler-looking 3-door car.

The 107 is one of the most fuel efficient cars around, thanks to its light weight and modern 3-cylinder, 1-litre petrol engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. That 1-litre engine doesn’t have much weight to pull around with it, so drive it with one eye on economy and you should see some very attractive fuel economy figures. And, as we know, petrol is significantly cheaper than diesel at the moment.


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