Top Destinations for Budget Travelers: Hidden Gems and Must-See Places

If you want to travel without breaking the bank, you are not alone. The good news is that being on a tight budget is not as big an obstacle as you might think when it comes to planning a vacation. There are some real hidden gems out there that are surprisingly affordable to visit. However, don’t let the affordability aspect mislead you into thinking that the following must-see destinations are anything short of wonderful.


Top Destinations for Budget Travelers



Have you already been to Thailand? Are you looking for a new experience in another Southeast Asian nation that’s not exactly the same, but preferably just as affordable? In that case, Vietnam should be at the top of your list. Vietnam has retained its individuality quite well and it’s actually quite a bit cheaper than Thailand.

You will find that Vietnam offers a more authentic and charmingly rustic Southeast Asian experience to its visitors than most of the neighboring countries. Some of the must-see places in Vietnam are:

  • Halong Bay for its sparkling emerald-green waters, tiny island beaches, limestone karsts, mysterious waterside caves, jolly cruises, and so much more.
  • The village of Sapa for its remote location amidst the absolutely stunning Hoang Lien Son mountains.
  • The Mekong Delta for its waterways, which will take you through the second most biodiverse location on this planet.

Although flying to Vietnam is likely to cost you more than a flight to Thailand on an average, you should still be able to offset the cost difference with some careful flight planning. This shouldn’t be too difficult either, because now you can even plan multi-city flights to almost any destination in the world with Google Flights.



Visiting a Central or South American nation does not come without its own set of risks, but that’s only if you are not careful about choosing your destination. The US government marks Argentina as one of the safer nations in the region to visit, which is great news because Argentina is both beautiful and affordable. Once you get there, you will want to visit:

  • The resort town of Mar del Plata for the sandy beaches, water sporting opportunities, beautiful architecture, and the historical sites.
  • The Ibera Wetlands to see the giant otters, giant anteaters, capybaras, coypus, black caimans, orange deer, and an astonishing range of wild birds.
  • The city of Puerto Madryn to go on cruises and adventures for a chance of seeing elephants seals, sea lions, penguins, and whales (orcas mainly).


Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Yes, some of the cheapest and best destinations to travel to for an American are unsurprisingly located in the United States! If you are someone who is fond of hiking, camping, and mountaineering, then you really don’t need to travel outside the States at all. While there is no shortage of small towns across the country that could be on this list, Gatlinburg is worth mentioning in particular.

The reason for this is the fact that this quaint little town is still a (relatively) hidden gem of the Smoky Mountains, despite being happily open to tourism. If you come to Gatlinburg, you should use it as your main halt while trekking through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Also, visit Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies with your children to see the local marine life up close. You can even go on multiple adrenalin pumping, mountaintop ziplining adventures and get an amazing view of the stunning natural beauty that’s on display.

You can’t really go wrong with any of the destinations mentioned here, because none of them will disappoint. They are each unique and budget friendly for travelers who are looking for adventures and an overall new experience.


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