Top interior design trends of 2021

2021 is bringing all manner of changes, and we love to see the development in style and interior design that is coming too! 


Top interior design trends of 2021


Top interior design trends of 2021

Whether you’re looking to refresh your home and want some inspiration, or simply like to see what’s hot right now, you’ve come to the right place!


Keeping it simple

The past year has been anything but simple, so seeing this trend emerge is an incredible palette-cleanser that we’re all thrilled to see. Focussing on soft, neutral colours to create a welcoming and relaxing space, this style is all about wooden textures and warm tones, paired beautifully with cushions and blankets to make it even more cosy.

Previously, white and grey has been the favourite in a huge amount of homes, but these warm tones are coming back strong, perfect as we transition into the spring season!


Top interior design trends of 2021



A trend that started with force last year and is evolving into an even more stunning and sophisticated style, cottagecore is becoming a rustic classic that we love to see develop in your homes. A perfect style for any house with exposed brickwork or beams, this trend combines true home comforts with old-fashioned twists.

This works best with those warmer tones; think terracotta, burnt orange, cashmere. Cottagecore is also a very popular style for those looking to get back to a more nature-inspired feel in their homes, which means it pairs perfectly with potted plants with big, bright leaves to make those warm colours pop. This trend has been one of the most desirable across the nation, so if you’ve been asking yourself “ how should I redecorate to sell my house quickly?” cottagecore could be the perfect option for you!


Bold and bright

Last year, the majority of the trends were more focussed on neutral colour tones, giving a subtle but consistently stunning effect. Now, however, we’re seeing these trends being broken in the best way by the introduction of bold colours entering homes across the nation.

Our personal favourite is seeing the development of jewel tones in households – think deep emerald hues that look stunning as a feature wall or in accessories especially paired with gold, or sapphire blue that looks gorgeous with silver accents. These colours can seem like a huge step away from the standard white and cream tones that a lot of us are used to especially on walls, but they are a refereshing change that we’re keen to see more of in the coming months.


Earthy tones

Similar to the cottagecore colour palette but with a different spin, the introduction of earthy tones throughout homes is giving a different depth to a lot of rooms that we’ve previously missed out on. These colours are incredibly welcoming and provide another level of comfort that cool-tones homes don’t always achieve, along with offering a more natural feel to them.

Look at mushroom greys and browns, deep reds and greens with a warmer tone to them to create a gorgeous atmosphere that gets back to the roots of nature and peace.


Ocean influences

We all crave time in the open, especially after the past year, and what better way to satisfy that than by bringing some ocean-influenced style into your home. Stunning blue hues paired with wooden textures replicating sandy shores look stunning with white furniture, offering you your own slice of paradise at home.

Possibly the best thing about this trend is that it’s delightfully versatile and can be adjusted to any taste, with almost any shade of blue working well with the other colours. Whether you like to keep it light and airy or are looking for a more dramatic effect with a deep, inky blue, this is a perfect option for you.


Shabby chic

A trend that is an old favourite but keeps coming back with more style every time, shabby chic will always be a popular option. It’s a very flexible trend allowing you to add subtle touches or go all out depending on your preferences, and no matter which you choose it always looks beautiful.

Picking up well-loved items in charity shops or even online will help you really develop the authenticity of this trend, especially with furniture that hasn’t been fully restored. With the shabby chic look, the imperfections are what really make the style, so chipped paint, sun-faded materials and scratched units combine to create a fascinating home!

No matter what your taste or style is, there is always a great option for you to choose to develop and change up your home, and whether you’re doing it to make your mark in the home or to make it more attractive to sell, these interior design trends will give you plenty of inspo!


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