Top ten thrifty tips to looking gorgeous

Today – thrifty tips to looking gorgeous

thrifty tips to looking gorgeous

You don’t need the spa, the gym, cosmetic counters at Clarins or a whole new wardrobe budget to look great. Here are some simple tips that you can afford.


Thrifty tips to looking gorgeous

1. Smile widely  – it is guaranteed to make you look more attractive than any new top /dress/skirt/lippie you could ever buy

2, Have clean shiny hair, It  makes you feel a million times better to have your hair washed and styled so give your self the time to do this.

3. Shower regularly and exfoliate – clean and smooth skin looks great.


thrifty tips to looking gorgeous
Me on the school run looking good! (This may not actually be me on the school run!)

4.  Defuzz  (if its your thing) this makes you look like you  are taking good care of yourself.

5. Wear your nicest clothes (ditch the rest or relegate to a gardening or decorating pile. )It makes no sense to wear a lovely thing 4 x per year and scraggy things the rest of the time. Why not look your best all the time.

6.  Check out the charity shops for matching bags, scarves, bracelets etc. Accessories can really set off an outfit

7.  Exercise and eating well  are simple strategies to make you glowing and toned.Fruit and veg and long walks aren’t going to break the bank

8.  Have a swishing party with friends to bag yourself a whole new wardrobe for free

9. A little pink blush or a swipe of bronzer helps you glow with health

10. Remind yourself of how beautiful you really are, check yourself out in the mirror and tell yourself how hot you look. Walk tall and with confidence and zest in your step.

You are gorgeous and it’s not cost you a bean!!!


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  1. The Thrifty Mum
    March 24, 2012 / 17:49

    These tips are brilliant. And conversely, just by spending loads of money on a top/makeup does not guarantee that you will feel or look good wearing it! Another tip I have is to read online about which colours and styles of clothes suit your colouring and body shape. It will save you from wasting money on things which don’t suit you.

    • Becky
      March 25, 2012 / 08:24

      Thanks for that great tip!

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