Top Things to Experience in India

Top Things to Experience in India

If you’re planning a trip to India, you may have reservations about what to expect.
It’s a cheap country to visit so you can get a lot of value for just a small amount of money. There may be a fear that the food or the environment will make you sick. You may not be sure if you can handle the chaos or the traveling. The beautiful thing about India is it can be any kind of trip you want it to be. Fly to the closest airport wherever you plan to go. Check out the more serene areas if you’re not into large crowds and tough travel.

Top Things to Experience in India

What you are going to find in India that everything is the real deal. The cities are fast and crazy. The spiritual spots will absorb into your pores and you’ll feel an explainable energy. While you should take in some of the sites and experiences we suggest, make sure to give yourself time without any itinerary at all. You will find that you get called to spend the whole afternoon in a coffee shop. You may go to visit a temple and not want to leave. India has so much to offer. Here are the top picks.

Eating Indian Food on a Banana Leaf

If you’re going to India, you have to experience eating messy curries with your hands. When you sit down at a restaurant that uses banana leafs, they come and lay down a banana leaf in front of you and roll it out. You order a main dish and someone will come by and plop your side dishes onto your plate. This is usually Dal and some other messy vegetarian stuff and of course rice. Then you dish up the curry, slide it over to the rice and pick it all up with your fingers. This actually makes the food taste better.

Get Invited to an Indian Wedding

Oh, the colors, the music, and the activities that surround an Indian wedding are like nothing else. They dance with joy in their hearts and the festivities last for a total of five days. There are many celebrations involved and hanging out on the bride side means you’ll probably get henna. When you attend the ceremony, you’ll want to wear traditional formal wear. For a man and a woman, the outfits are luxurious and like nothing you’ve probably ever worn in your life. If you get the chance to attend a wedding, do it. This is true Indian culture.

Take in a Yoga Retreat

If time is on your side and you have a yoga practice at home, taking in a yoga retreat in India is heavily recommended. There are many places you can with a very spiritual significance. You’ll feel it. Take Dharamsala for example, sitting among the Himalayan Mountain ranges. It is home of the Dalai Lama and attracts many saints and sages to make a pilgrimage here to honour him. In Rishikesh, you will be able to see the cave where yoga was invented. Spending time near the beloved Ganges River is deeply spiritual too. Many people come here specifically to do their yoga training because it is the foundation of yoga and its birthplace. Take in some yoga here. It will be a very meaningful experience.

Do Some Trekking in the Himalayas

If you like to hike, India has some incredible trekking routes that cut right into the Himalayan mountain ranges. They offer the tallest peaks in the world and you can walk among them. It is an incredible experience. In Dharamsala, you can witness the houses that hang off the cliffs here. You can wake up early while you’re in the area and hike up to see the sun rise. Go ahead, do some yoga poses as you honour the beginning of another beautiful day.

Witness the Beauty of Tigers in the Wild

Yes, here you can still see tigers in their natural environment. This is pretty special and in fact, India holds two thirds of the tiger population that exist in the world today. You can go out on a tiger safari and see Bengal tigers in a national park where they’re protected (and you are too.)

Hang out in the Hippy Spot of Goa

Goa has long been a seaside hippy village. It may have grown but it still retains a nice chilled out feeling. You can choose from the various beaches they have here. There are plenty of hippy things to do and there are a lot of opportunities to get spiritual. You can yoga classes, energy healing, meditation, and more. If you love the ocean and you love getting in touch with you inner self, Goa is a great spot to chill.

So there you have it. This is India and while there are so many more things to it, these can be discovered by you while you’re in the moment. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore on your own. No matter where you go, there will be things you’ll want to do spontaneously.


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  1. October 26, 2018 / 21:44

    I love India but only went once. Happily I have Indian friends to stay and travel with so I did experience the real India which I couldn’t have done on my own. The train journeys were amazing.

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