Top Tips for Creating a Cosy Home in Time for Christmas

Today – Top Tips for Creating a Cosy Home in Time for Christmas

Comfortable home living is important all year round, but it becomes even more special and significant as Christmas approaches. Christmas is a time for feeling snug and warm: for getting cosy under blankets with your family and sharing stories by a roaring fireplace.

Want to create that picture-perfect comfortable Christmas scene in your own home?


Here are our top tips for creating a cosy home in time for Christmas:


Cosy Home in Time for Christmas



Bring the Outside in

There is nothing more Christmassy than bringing foliage and other natural materials into your home.  Christmas greens (such as holly and ivy) added to your fireplace, staircase of dining table will immediately add a cosy festive touch. Other, less obvious ways that you can bring the outside into your home include adding comfortable chunky knit wool throws to your sofa. These textures will create a cosy country cottage feel, and immediately invoke memories of the different textures and experiences of a walk in the countryside.

Of course, the biggest way that most people bring the outside into their home during the Christmas season is to trim their Christmas tree. Opt for a real tree rather than a synthetic one, and pick a tree that is as tall as possible. A large and eye-catching tree will provide a wonderful festive focal point, and will immediately create a cosy and natural feel to your space.



Light Candles to create a Cosy Home in Time for Christmas

Nothing makes a room feel more clinical than bright, overhead strip lighting. A quick and simple way to instantly make any space feel more cosy is to turn off your overhead lights and light candles instead. Candles will give your room a glow and create nostalgic memories of Christmas past.

Chunky white church-style candles are classic and will suit almost any space, but if you have a distinctive homestyle then don’t be afraid to experiment with colored or even with patterned candles. If you’ve got kids, and the idea of leaving them alone with lit candles makes you instantly break out into a cold sweat then don’t worry. You can choose battery powered versions instead and create the same effect. These will still give off a flickering glow, but without the risk of burnt little fingers.



Decorate the Whole House

If you have children and you want to create the perfect cosy Christmas home for them then don’t just stop at putting a tree up in your living room: why not decorate the whole house too? Children become particularly excited when their bedrooms have been decorated too, and this will create a warm and welcoming feel in their rooms.

A small tree that they can decorate themselves is a great place to start: pick rustic and wooden decorations to create a cosy feel.

Other fun and inexpensive décor ideas that children are sure to enjoy include making paper chains (pick paper that compliments your colour scheme) and creating their own decorations. Get creative with paint and glitter and see what you can come up with. The end result is sure to feel fun and guaranteed to raise a smile.


Have a look here for the latest Christmas tree trends.


If you live in a small flat then a 7-foot Christmas tree won’t make your home feel cosy; it will make it feel cluttered and claustrophobic. If you want to create a home that feels warm and welcoming then you have to consider its size before you start to decorate.

Don’t worry: there are plenty of small home décor solutions that don’t involve hanging oversized garlands along your banister or buying the biggest tree in the store. Why not create a simple display that could sit on your console table using a few twigs and branches from your garden? You can decorate this with berries or even small baubles to create a big impact in a small space. Zoning your home and adding plenty of small festive touches will all help to make your space feel cosy without cramming it too full of stuff.


Light Up the Outside of Your Home

Finally, we often think about changing the lighting scheme in the inside of our home to make it feel more cosy, but the key to comfortable home living during the Christmas season is to think about how you light the outside of your home too.

If you have a path or drive way leading to your front door then light it with lanterns, candles or fairy lights. Create a welcoming effect that will quite literally guide people to your front door: if you have children then they can help with this process, creating a landing strip of Santa so that he won’t get lost on his way!


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