Top tips for gifting on a budget

Today – Top tips for gifting on a budget

tips for gifting on a budget


Top tips for gifting on a budget

Sometimes it is necessary to tighten the purse strings when it comes to gifting. Life can get hideously expensive and many of us are forced to make financial cutbacks. According to the Bank of England, the average UK household spends approximately £2,000 every month. In December, this figure climbs to £2,500. Gifting does not have to be so incredibly expensive. But this does not mean that your friends and family won’t receive wonderful gifts from you, quite the opposite. Here are a few ways to give people gifts they will love, whilst sticking to a budget.


Make them something edible

People absolutely love food. This is an incredibly obvious statement, but acknowledging the truth of that statement makes gifting a lot easier. Why not bake someone you love some cakes for their birthday or for Christmas this year? They will appreciate how much time and effort was put into such a delicious gift. If you’re not much of a cake baker, how about baking a loaf of bread? Or why not cook someone dinner for their birthday? Experiences and memories are valuable gifts; they do not have to be expensive to be appreciated.


Personalised gifts for her

The beauty of the internet is the vast range of inexpensive, personalised gifts that can be purchased for the women and girls in your life. There’s everything from personalised mugs and bottles of prosecco with their name on the label to personalised boxes of luxury chocolates. These items do not break the bank, either. They usually cost between £8 and £15.


Personalised gifts for him

Every Dad seems to receive socks as a gift at some point in his life, so why not buy him personalised socks with his face on? It’s an inexpensive gift that will make him laugh. If you have men in your life that love beer, personalised beer glasses can be purchased for less than £10 online. Bargain!


Hit the charity shops

You can find some amazing stuff in charity shops such as items of clothing, books, and homeware. Not only are charity shops an affordable way to buy some lovely gifts, but you can be sure that the gifts will be one of a kind. By buying gifts from charity shops, you buy your loved ones something that they will appreciate, that also helps improve the lives of others in the community.


There’s nothing better than a good book

Books are something that are increasingly being overlooked as mobile phones, tablets and games consoles become more affordable. Online shopping has made it easier than ever to get a hold of inexpensive but brilliant books. Most paperbacks can be bought for under £10 a book, and that’s a good few hours’ worth of entertainment for your loved ones that won’t leave their eyes square. With so many different genres to choose from, it’ll be easy to find your friends and family a book that they will enjoy reading.


I hope you have found these top tips for gifting on a budget to be useful

tips for gifting on a budget


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