Top tips for easier housework

Today – Top tips for easier housework

I think a lovely, ordered home is a good thing. It makes me feel great and it is far easier to keep clean and tidy than a messy one…but all this takes time and there is cake to be eaten, coffee to be drunk and sunshine to be sat in as well as of course! the children to be played with. The pennies won’t stretch to a housekeeper so WISDOM must prevail. I would not call these housework CHEATS I would call them housework HELPS …

Top tips for easier housework


Top tips for easier housework – Ironing

Sretch your clothes as you hang them and  try and smooth them straight as you fold them and don’t be too pernickity. Very little really needs ironing.

Save your ironing  for an engrossing tv show, you’ll get it done whilst barely thinking about it.

Put it away as you run yourself a luxurious bath. As in all aspects of parenting rewards and distractions are very useful.

tips for easier housework


Top tips for easier housework – Laundry

Think of doing the laundry like brushing your teeth it’s just something you do each morning  before leaving the house. Keep on top of it or it’s overwhelming (and you’ll have to wear dirty socks- Yuk!)


Top tips for easier housework – Cleaning

Clean the bathroom as you watch your kids in the bath.

Mop the kicthen floor whilst the kids are doing ther homwork (they won’t be able to get up!)

Clean out the fridage whilst you make tea.

Doubling up means housework time and effort feel considerable less.


 General Principles of easier housework

The less stuff you have in your house the less housework you need to do SO why not have a massive declutter and donate to a charity shop or have a car boot sale.

Working against the clock always pushes us to work faster  SO just set your stopwatch for 15 minutes I bet you can clean the whole kicthen by the end of it.

The more others do the less you will do. My son has to sort and bring down the laundry. My daughter clears her plates after each meal. They both push in their chairs and tidy toys away before bed. After 21 days anything becomes a habit get the whole family trained up! They are far cheaper than a cleaner.


If all else fails…. Top tips for easier housework

Invite another child to tea. This ENSURES you get tidied up  just in case they go home and tell their mum your house is a tip!


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  1. March 25, 2012 / 15:59

    Love the tip for cleaning the kitchen floor so that the kids can’t move away from their homework! Mine are too little for that yet, although I do clean it when they are strapped into their chairs with a (tidy) snack and can’t move!

    My biggest tip is also to declutter, it really is much easier to keep the house clean and tidy when you have fewer things to worry about.

  2. Sheila Reeves
    May 23, 2012 / 18:15

    Great ideas – I used to do the “clean the bathroom whilst kids in the bath” when mine were younger – and I still try and do the ironing with a good film or drama on, certainly helps the pile to go down 🙂

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