Top Tips for Restyling Your Home

I’m not going to lie, revamping your home on a budget will take some effort on your part, but with these top five tips, it will be a whole lot easier and may also cost a lot less than you think!

Get Crafting

Whether it’s painting a neglected chair or table, or making your own cushions, crafting is a cheap and cheerful way to update your home without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Markets are fantastic places to source inexpensive materials, and if you don’t want to spend anything, why not use the materials from clothes you no longer wear for a truly thrifty way to craft?

Don’t throw the Baby out with the Bathwater!

An entire restyle does not necessarily mean you have to throw everything out and start again. You can still achieve a whole new look whilst keeping the majority of your furniture, and you may already have some key pieces from which you can take inspiration. For example, if you have a particularly striking table with an ornate design or in an eye-catching colour, make this the focal point of the room and take elements to other areas of the room. The same rules apply to the bedroom and rather than buying both a brand new bed and a new mattress, just replace the bed frame instead by purchasing one at an affordable price from Bedstar.

paper, Tips for Restyling Your Home


Make a Statement

Before you splash out on several rolls of wallpaper or several pots of paint, consider choosing one statement wall to make the centre piece of your living room or bedroom and save a lot of money by only needing to purchase the minimum amount of decorating supplies. Other walls can be left a neutral colour and decorated with photographs or paintings if you would prefer not to leave them bare.

Photo Fabulous

By simply swapping photo frames, you can add a dash of glamour to your home. Mix and match charity shop finds or take a trip to your local pound shop for extremely cheap, yet pretty frames. For you truly trendy types, instead of photographs, why not frame pictures from your favourite magazines for a quirky focal point your visitors will find difficult to ignore?

Durry - recycled silk rug

Cutting the Rug

Instead of changing your flooring entirely, consider investing in a large rug to add warmth and style to your lounge. If you are really strapped for cash, take a look at some of the amazing online tutorials for making your own rag rugs using items you will already have in the home.

Go Green

House plants are a great idea for all manner of reasons: plants will oxygenate your domestic environment and the flowering kind can add notes of natural beauty and fragrance to any room of your home. Select plants that will act as accessories to your newly decorated room but be careful if you have animals as some plants are highly toxic to cats, dogs and marine-life. If you have any concerns, simply ask your vet which plants are best around your animals and then get shopping!





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  1. March 5, 2016 / 17:26

    Nice tips there. I totally agree with you that making a statement can actually help someone save a lot of money. I have also been using various crafts especially in my living room decor and I feel the difference, really.
    Thanks for sharing these tips.


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