Top tips for roof maintenance

According to the Met Office, last year saw record-breaking winter rainfall in some areas of the UK, highlighting the violent trends emerging in our climate.

With the threat of more unpredictable and extreme weather, it’s more important than ever to take necessary precautions to protect our homes – and maintaining the roof is the best place to start. In this guide we’ll outline how you can keep your roof healthy and the importance of doing so.


Top tips for roof maintenance

Back to basics

It’s vital to take care and maintain your roof regularly: if you neglect it, you could end up with nasty unexpected repair costs or a destructive leak. You should follow these three simple maintenance tips at the very least:

  1. Keep it clean

This one might sound simple, but if a roof is left dirty, the debris could eventually cause the roof to rust and deteriorate. Make sure you stay safe while working on the roof by wearing protective equipment, and never attempt to climb onto the roof alone – having someone nearby to foot the ladder could save your life.

  1. Choose a quality roof membrane

The right roof membrane could make the difference between a comfortable, warm home and a leak that could cause devastating damage to your house and belongings. Membrane roofing is used on flat or slightly slanted roofs to protect the building, provide insulation, and most importantly, to protect leaks.

Membrane roofing has a much longer lifespan than other flat roofing methods – including felt, asphalt and gravel – and is also superior by being much easier to seal and requiring less maintenance. Furthermore, in the rare event that a leak occurs with membrane roofing, it’s much easier to pinpoint and repair any damage thanks to its seamless installation.

  1. Check your gutters and shingles

Both gutters and shingles play an important part in protecting your home from external conditions, but if either are damaged or obstructed, you could risk a major leak. Check that your gutters are clear of debris, especially if you live near trees – some could become blocked with leaves or moss, making it more difficult for rainwater to run off your roof.

Shingles are crucial for preventing moisture from getting inside your roof, so it’s best to make sure they’re clean and in good condition. Any minor cracks or chips could worsen and cause a serious leak.


Top tips for roof maintenance


Be consistent

Keeping on top of your roof maintenance is a huge commitment, but it’s also one that will pay off – a healthy roof will protect your home for years to come.

Don’t leave it too late like Edinburgh’s New Register House did: protect your valuables by thoroughly checking and maintaining your roof this winter.




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